How Tachyon Phone Disks protect from 5G and EMFs?

How Tachyon Phone Disks protect from 5G and EMFs?

Is a cell tower going up in your neighborhood? If not now, it may be soon. The downside of the 5G rollout is that it would be impossible to exist in a city or walk outside without being exposed. There is going to be a cell tower in every few houses and this means that your personal choices, whether to have a 5G phone or not, will not escape you from radiation exposure.  

You do not need to panic! Tachyonizedtools are here to help.
It is imperative to understand what is happening when you use Tachyonized™ materials. 

The effective Tachyon field created by Tachyonized™ tools  negates the disruptors of the 5G field technologies. 
As soon as the depleting, chaotic energy thrown off by 5G or other EMFs enters your immediate vicinity, the Tachyon energy field does not allow EMFs and 5G milli-waves to bifurcate and therefore they do not have the damaging effects on your body. 

All Tachyonized™ materials work on the same principle. They have been proven by the USA Patent to promote neg-entropy, which is a physics term that identifies the movement from disease, chaos, and disorder toward balance, health, and order.

Tachyon 5G Ultra phone micro-disks stop 5G disruptors from bifurcating and promote a life-enhancing field that protects the user.
Don’t wait, BE PROACTIVE, and protect yourself and your loved ones. 
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Mar 1st 2023 Tachyon Support

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