A Friend Told Me About Tachyon

A Friend Told Me....

A friend told me about a recent accident involving his wife. During a horse riding accident the horse fell on her. I tuned in and gave him some Tachyonized Panther Juice, Tachyonized Ultra Freeze and a Tachyonized T75 Cell to take home for his wife. She has had incredible results as the bone has restructured and the x-rays made the classic doctors look very silly. ~ Pano

Tachyon Product - Silica Disks

To Share Tachyon is to Help Evolve the World

My personal experiences with Tachyon are continually amazing (I am a Level I Practitioner). About 3-4 months back some very hot cooking oil fell on my wrist and hand while making breakfast. Not a very big area luckily- but hot oil is hot oil- and the burning sensation was quite severe if I tried to remove my hand from a big cold water bowl. I did some permutation and combination with the Tachyonized tools and finally settled on keeping the Tachyonized TLC bars inside the bowl and curling my fingers around them, with 4 Tachyonized Silica Disks surrounding the bowl in a circular fashion. I tried taking my hands out of the water on and off and managing only with the Tachyonized TLC bars- but the burning sensation wouldn't allow that. After about three hours, I felt much better. 

The next day - a great surprise - the wound was absolutely clean - and even when I pressed that area with another finger quite a bit- NO PAIN. This was amazing. Only when I pressed that area very hard there was a little pain (without tachyon- I am sure that even if I had to blow gently on that area- it would hurt). Also with the concentrated Tachyon treatment immediately after the burn- I was pain free for 3 days. After that I needed to use only a Tachyonized Silica Disk for about half an hour twice or so. In this whole process I didn't use even Burnol! Subsequent healing was very smooth. AMAZING. I wanted to share this with all Tachyon users.


A friend told me about a recent accident involving his wife . During a horse riding accident the horse fell on her. I tuned in and gave him some Tachyonized Panther Juice, Tachyonized Ultra Freeze and a Tachyonized T75 Cell to take home for his wife. She had a very serious injury of the vertebrae but after using the Tachyonized Ultra Freeze the pain was gone. She used the Tachyonized T75 Cell on her spine and during sleep on the coccyx area. She has had incredible results as the bone has restructured and the x-rays made the classic doctors look very silly.

Panos Sotiriou

Tachyon Product - Chakra Balancing Kit

We have had a very positive experience with the Tachyonized Panther Juice last weekend when our daughter fell and twisted her foot. She wasn't able to put her weight on it afterwards because it hurt so much. When we got home we rubbed Tachyonized Panther Juice and put the Tachyonized Wristband around her foot. Within half an hour her foot was much less painful and within an hour she was running around as if nothing had happened!

Michel and I have both used the Tachyonized Chakra Balancing Kit and we felt wonderful afterwards! In addition they are really beautiful to look at. Michel has also been using the Tachyonized T15 RO Cell and his digestion has improved! So far all is well.

Shelagh Probst 

I put Tachyonized Silica Disks in our circuit breaker box, and the next time I used the computer there was a tremendous difference. Usually I am drained after an hour or two, but now I can stay on as long as I want without any effects. It's amazing; I never would have believed it!!!

Miriam Parente 

Tachyon Products - Velcro HeadbandI am so much better with Tachyonized products, especially the Tachyonized Vitalizer-II Belt. It has really helped my back aches and pains. As I told you on the phone I broke my back many years ago. As soon as I put on the Tachyonized Vitalizer-II Belt my daughter noticed I was standing up much more erect, I felt a lightness, a feeling of ease, it was wonderful. I wore the Tachyonized Vitalizer-II Belt for four days and I really did notice a difference, even when I took it off I felt so much lighter in my step it was great. I only use the Tachyonized Vitalizer-II Belt now if I know I am going to be physically active or if I feel any aches, otherwise I'm fine. Just knowing it's there if I need it is such a comfort. Well the Tachyonized Phone Cell seems to be working, no ill effects from my mobile, no more buzzing or pinging in my head--great. I took the Tachyonized Silica Gel as instructed, at first the stiffness seemed to get worse in my ankle and fingers but as the weeks went by they seem to be loosening up a bit. The Tachyonized Velcro Headband is good too, if I'm feeling low or have a headache, I just put the Tachyonized Headband on and all becomes calm. I use the Tachyonized Headband quite a lot and it just makes me feel good. Also, my daughter loves her Tachyonized Scarf--the colour and the effect she gets from it.

Miles Scott 

I have just begun using the Tachyonized products, and I am not a natural health consultant, but I am totally intrigued and know these unique products work. I have read and read over Nicole's web site, and the corporate site, and am absorbing things slowly but surely. I have started with the 35mm Tachyonized Pendant, the Tachyonized Snuggy, Tachyonized Panther Juice, and 2 24mm Tachyonized Cells. I can definitely see improvement, and am committed to keep using and learning as I go.


After having completed Quality of One, Level I (something I would recommend everyone should do), I went on to become a Tachyon Practitioner. I have been using Tachyonized products for years, and have found conditions, which had previously required medication, no longer exist! I became a distributor some years back, but because my business demanded my presence, I was unable to attend the seminars offered.

But when my opportunity arose, I seized it with the zeal of a youngster, eager to unwrap all the wonderful knowledge contained in the many aspects with which I was to become familiar! I was first struck with the notion that all the participants seemed to be like family. Having attended many seminars in the past, the shared interests in those groups didn't possess the same feeling I experienced as I met my fellow participants at the Tachyon Institute!

Tachyon Product - Glass CellsI primarily work with animals with a silent sort of communication that I have since learned can be an acquired ability. My Tachyonized™ Cells helped me locate and relieve the sources of pain for many of my animal patients. I recommend different Tachyonized products to my equestrian clients, some of whom compete in horse shows, and are convinced the Tachyon edge is irreplaceable! Because of the Practitioner Workshops I recently attended, I am now able to use more sophisticated Tachyonized™ tools with my animal patients, for this I am eternally grateful.

I have a cat named Squirty. He was a horse show orphan who happily came home to live with me and the rest of my "zoo". I'm not sure of his age, but I know he is at least fifteen. After having returned from Quality of One, Level II, I noticed he seemed to be losing a little weight. Two days later, disaster struck! His hind legs were paralyzed, completely cold and unresponsive. I gathered up my Tachyonized tools, Tachyonized™ Water and Silica Gel, and began to work on him. I had seen this before in other cats, and the prognosis was almost always extremely grave.

Tachyon Product - Small TLC BarsHe responded immediately to my Tachyonized TLC bars, and I nestled his head in my hands telling him what he was feeling was alright, to just relax and let me work. I administered the Tachyonized Water and the Tachyonized Silica Gel, and then started to work with the Tachyonized TLC bars. Squirty's anxiety seemed to diminish as he finally relaxed his head, allowing it to become heavy in my hand. I then positioned the bars next to him and brought out my Tachyonized™ "wand". This was a new practitioner tool for me, so I decided the best approach was to close my eyes and think only about how much I loved this little guy who was now so helpless. I prepared a comfortable place for him to spend the evening, as he seemed ready for sleep. Surprisingly, He fell asleep in my hand, and I gently placed his head down and left him to rest.

I shouldn't have been surprised, but I was! The next morning, Squirty's hind legs were warm to the touch. He was up, despite being quite a bit wobbly. I gave him three more treatments over the following three days. That was two weeks ago. He is now able to negotiate stairs, walk almost normally, and has a voracious appetite! It was the most miraculous thing I have ever witnessed! But then, I guess where Tachyonized products are concerned one can never cease to be amazed! 

Sharon Balk 

My 4 pieces of Moldavite just returned from undergoing the Tachyonization process! WOW!!!!! Powerful!!! Really has a tangible enhancing effect on the energies! 

Elizabeth Hamilton

I would like to order some more Tachyonized Water, it's brilliant. Thank you again for the info, it seems to me Tachyon is the natural progression of vibrational medicine/healing for the benefit of the whole planet. 

Sharon Miles