Tachyon Disks - Cells

Tachyon Disks - Cells

Tachyonized™ Disk and Cells Superstars

Do you own a cellphone? 
Thousands of studies show a long term use of harmful EMF emitting devices can cause serious ailments and disease. The Tachyon ULTRA Micro Disks transform the disruptive wave patterns of harmful 5G milli-waves and EMFs into a coherent, positive, life-enhancing field protecting you and your loved ones, helping the user to move towards higher levels of order and balance.

Do you need to protect your home from 5G and EMFs? 
Studies show that Tachyonized™ Silica Disks installed over the circuit breakers of your home or office neutralize the negative effects of EMFs and, at the same time, improve biological functioning ofour bodies. 

Is your body out of balance? Help it to rejuvenate itself! 
Whether you choose directional or ULTRA, our Tachyonized™ Silica Disks and Cells are effective Tachyon antennas for attracting Tachyon energy to a specific area. They are designed to be worn on the body to treat any injury, to help unbalanced organs return to balance, rejuvenate your immune system, and enhance athletic performance. 

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