Measuring Biological effects of Tachyonized materials

Human Energy Photos and Aura Camera
The Aura Camera is a specialized device designed to capture and visualize the human energy field, often referred to as the aura. This field is believed to encompass the subtle energetic aspects of an individual, reflecting their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. With the help of the Aura Camera, we can observe and analyze the changes that occur in the human energy field before and after exposure to Tachyon energy.

The process of capturing human energy photos begins with the individual being photographed placing their hands on Tachyonized™ energy antennas or other Tachyonized™ objects for a specified period. These antennas act as conduits for Tachyon energy, allowing it to flow into the person's energetic system. After the designated time, the Aura Camera captures an image of the person's energy field, representing their aura.

Analysis of Human Energy Photos

When we compare the human energy photos taken before and after using a Tachyonized™ energy antenna, we can clearly observe remarkable changes. The photo taken after the Tachyon session often shows a significant increase in balance and expansion within the energetic bodies captured by the Aura Camera.

The aura, as depicted in the photos, appears brighter and more vibrant after exposure to Tachyon energy. This increase in brightness indicates an enhancement in the flow and quality of energy throughout the person's energetic system. Additionally, the expanded aura suggests a greater overall sense of vitality, harmony, and well-being.

Significance of Tachyonized™ Energy Antenna

The Tachyonized™ energy antenna plays a vital role in facilitating the energizing effects seen in the human energy photos. These antennas are specifically designed to harness and transmit Tachyon energy into the user's energy field. By doing so, they help to revitalize and balance the subtle energy systems, promoting a state of optimal health and wellness.

The Tachyonized™ energy antenna acts as a catalyst, amplifying the effects of Tachyon energy and allowing it to penetrate the SOEFs (Subtle Organizing Energy Fields) more effectively. As a result, the energy conversion process within the body becomes more efficient, leading to the observed improvements in balance and expansion in the human energy photos.


In conclusion, the human energy photos captured using Aura Cameras provide tangible evidence of the energizing effects of Tachyon energy on our subtle energy fields. The visual representation of increased balance and expansion in the aura after exposure to Tachyonized™ energy antennas is a testament to the transformative potential of Tachyon energy.

By embracing Tachyon energy and incorporating it into our lives, we have the opportunity to harmonize our energetic bodies, promoting overall well-being and vitality. Whether we seek physical, emotional, or spiritual balance, Tachyon energy offers a fascinating avenue to explore and enhance our connection with the subtle energies that shape our existence.


1. What is Tachyon energy?
Tachyon energy is a form of energy that is believed to exist at the subatomic level and permeate all matter and energy. It is associated with healing and vitality.

2. How does Tachyon energy affect the body's frequencies?
When Tachyon interacts with the Subtle Organizing Energy Fields (SOEFs) within our bodies, it helps to convert the energy into frequencies that correspond to our natural balance, promoting equilibrium and well-being.

3. What is an Aura Camera and how does it work?
An Aura Camera is a specialized device used to capture and visualize the human energy field, also known as the aura. It works by taking a photograph that represents the energy field surrounding an individual. Handplates are used to detect your vibrational frequency via meridian points in your hands and transmit it to the camera. An algorithm within the camera associates the frequency with a specific color. The camera then prints a double-exposed photo, merging your image with your aura. 

4. Can Tachyonized™ energy antennas be used by anyone?
Yes, Tachyonized™ energy antennas can be used by anyone interested in experiencing the potential benefits of Tachyon. 

Human Energy Photos

These energy photos taken with a special Aura Camera clearly demonstrate the energizing effects Tachyon has.
We can clearly see that the photo taken 20 minutes after using a Tachyonized™ energy antenna
shows a dramatic increase in balance and expansion in the energetic bodies photographed. 

Tom before being exposed to
a Tachyon energy source.

Tom, 20 minutes after taking Tachyonized™
Water and 
wearing a Tachyon Pendant 

Robert before being exposed to
a Tachyon energy source.

Robert, 20 minutes after taking Tachyonized™
Water and wearing a Tachyon Pendant