Measuring Biological effects of Tachyonized materials

Human Energy Photos

These energy photos clearly demonstrate the energizing effects Tachyon has. These photos were taken with a special "aura camera". 

As Tachyon energizes the SOEFs, the SOEFs convert the energy into all the frequencies of the body, balancing the natural frequencies of the user. 
In these “Aura photos” we can clearly see that the photo taken after using a Tachyonized energy antenna for 20 minutes shows a dramatic increase in balance and expansion in the energetic bodies photographed. 

Tom before being exposed 
to a Tachyon Energy source.
Tom's photo shows an increase in
his measured energy field, 20 minutes 
after taking Tachyonized water and
wearing a Tachyon Pendant 
Robert before being exposed 
to a Tachyon energy source.
Robert, 20 minutes after taking 
Tachyonized water and wearing
a Tachyon pendant.