Cold-Pressed Virgin Organic Coconut Delight

Cold-Pressed Virgin Organic Coconut Delight

Tachyon Coconut Oil SuperfoodTachyonized Coconut Delight Oil is in the category of miraculous healing super-foods. Taking it on a daily basis can help boost brain function or regain memory loss. It holds amazing healing properties when massaged into the skin, and can also function as a toxic free, nourishing lubricant for genital massage.


Organic Virgin, Cold Pressed, Unfiltered, 100% Pure and Natural Coconut Oil. No fillers, additives, or preservatives.


Due to the ambient temperature, Coconut Oil can appear as a solid or a liquid, also color may vary as with all organic products.
Tachyonized Organic Cold-Pressed Coconut Delight Oil is ideal for massage and skin, for cooking and as a food and for your health. 
Tachyonized Tachyon Coconut Delight was originally a Tantra Tachyon energy product, as it is the best massage oil and lubricant for sensual and erotic massage. Also ideal for tantra practitioners and body-workers. 


Tachyonized Organic Cold-Pressed Coconut delight is available in 2 sizes:
4 oz. (120ml) jar
16 oz. (480ml) jar


Do not use if you have a coconut allergy (rare).