Are Reiki, Prana or Chi the Same as Tachyon?

Tachyon Community Historically there have been many pure words usually coined by enlightened beings that have been used to help

In science, it is called Tachyon Energy. The issue in answering the question is that once humans get hold of a word they often begin to manipulate the concepts to meet different agendas. This fragments the purity with concepts and layers of interpretation which inevitably skew the pure meaning and therefore the conversation. Unfortunately the pure potential is, in many cases, depleted to a state of marketing. Simply Google any of these words followed by products or tools to see examples.  People embrace the potentials of All That Is. Prana, Chi and God, in their purest concepts, refer to that which is, was and will always be.

Tachyon is a scientific word describing the source of all frequencies. Yet it is slowly succumbing to those new age marketers who dilute its true meaning by tagging it onto their frequency products. One example is a book written by a channeler who states that all Tachyons have a positive, negative and neutral state and therefore they provide "positive", "negative" and "neutral" state products. The current scientific understanding of the particle does not support such states or concepts.

So how do we see these wonderful energetic potentials in light of so many different interpretations? We must break down the process of using these energies to discern their relativity.

A simple example may help us understand:

If energy is passed intentionally through a prism, the prism, acting as a conduit, decreases the speed of the light as it bends it and we may see different colors. The controlling factor of what we actually see or experience is based on the quality of the prism, the source light and of course our own ability to see.

When we speak of Prana, Chi or even Reiki, the same descriptive process applies. Reiki, being the most popular, is easy to understand. Whatever conduit the source energy in its purest state passes through, in this case a Reiki practitioner, the outcome is always dependent on the state of the practitioner. A common experience for a Reiki practitioner is that one day they are on and another they are off. Whenever energy passes through a human energetic system, the mental, emotional or physical bodies all act as a type of filter, similar to the prism in limiting the outcome or experience. This explains why some practitioners are more successful than others. In Reiki further isolation of frequencies are possible through the use of Reiki symbols. The beneficiary of this process will only get the best of what the prism (Reiki practitioner) can share. So therefore, the outcome of Reiki is typically a filtered combination of frequency.

Tachyon Vertical Man

This is the same with all energies that pass through the body. They are always filtered by the owner of the body. This explains why in the energy healing world there are so many different qualities of healers.

Enhancing one's ability to become a super conductor of energy is a byproduct of the Vertical Reality workshop series developed by David Wagner: A most valuable quality to become.


Tachyon and Tachyonized tools are totally different. Tachyon is a pre-frequency, or to say it better, the source of all frequencies. Tachyon Energy is never filtered by the human conditioning, but rather offered in its pure form through permanent Tachyonized materials. These antennas have remarkable effects on both client and practitioner based on that individual’s blockages and limitations. Unlike frequency healing methods which are hindered by these blockages, Tachyon actually assists in clearing the blockage. Therefore savvy Reiki practitioners worldwide are using Tachyonized materials to enhance their lives and their therapies. Becoming a super conductor changes lives! For this reason alone one would understand why Tachyonized materials are being incorporated into ALL forms of healing and rejuvenation modalities.

Tachyonized materials offer any system the energies that they need to return to balance. And when balance is achieved the system simply stops converting Tachyons into frequencies. The Energetic Continuum theorem makes it clear that "Zero-Point condenses into Tachyons at just above light speed. Tachyons interact with our world of forms; SOEFs just below light speed. These SOEFs convert out of Tachyons all of the frequencies needed to create perfect form". And clearly as beings in a world of form, this is a key to moving forms from dis-ease or disorder towards order and perfect form. Tachyonized tools are the catalyst for this often evolutionary process.

Yet to me, the real potential of Tachyonized materials is in the expanding of consciousness, self-realization, beingness and enlightenment: A different group of words that also hold variable interpretations.