All-Electric/Tesla EMF Protection System

All-Electric/Tesla EMF Protection System

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5G and EMF Protection - In the Car


5G Tachyon Power Picks.  People seem to love the fantastic technologies that are now available on late model cars. The joy of driving a shiny set of wheels seems to now come with something unexpected: exposure to a plethora of health concerns including EMFs, 4G, and now 5G sources. Many are originating from the car itself and others from the environment. The fact is, most late model cars now come equipped with a high level of electronic equipment generating unseen in-car fields. To run all this technology requires robust in-car computerized systems generating more EMF fields.

These 5G Power Picks are explicitly designed to resolve in-car EMF issues. 
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Tesla/All-Electric Cars are at an even higher level then hybrids or gas cars. David Wagner, The Tachyonization inventor, worked and tested countless configurations for several years before solving this issue. We are excited to know that phenomenally effective Tachyonized Tesla protection kits are here to protect you. 

Advanced Tachyon began testing.
In 2016 Advanced Tachyon, alongside global researchers, intensified our testing in search of the right Tachyon combination for Tesla/All-Electric Car lovers.

In 2020, a few combinations of Tachyon products were identified. The goal of protecting the driver and passenger from harmful EMFs and the in-cockpit Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, and 5G connections and updates were achieved. 

The New All-Electric/Tesla Protection System. It is a complete solution.