Where Do We Go From Here?

When asked what Tachyon Energy brings to the new millennium, the ATTI staff unanimously responded, "Peace and Love". Through the past four years of exploring this world of Tachyon, it's been my experience that everything naturally wants to move towards higher levels of balance, health and the experience of peace.

What Tachyon Has to Offer 

 peace-dove-tachyon.jpgArchana Roberts, Ph.D.

"Peace be with us….and with our spirits." As a child, I pondered this traditional benediction and wondered why the minister seemed to be asking peace to come separately to both "us" and "our spirits." Were we separate from our spirits? Was there anything that could take peace from us? Adult life in the 90's provided me with an answer. Many of us experience in prayer or meditation that our Higher Self or Soul is doing just fine by steadily "being." The other part of us, however, is often not as peaceful. This is the part that responds to the question, "What do you do (for a living or for fun)?" The person we are outside of our meditative space is "doing" a number of stressful and energy intensive activities such as daily commutes, multitasking, working longer, tolerating increased levels of noise, spending hours in front of electronic equipment, following newsworthy headlines -- atrocities happening around the world. The result is that, despite our best intentions, we can feel stressed -- overloaded, emotionally reactive, and energetically depleted. Unless we replenish our energy and regain balance, we can, at best, sustain less than joyful lives and, at worst, develop mental and physical illnesses. In a depleted state, peace can feel remote, and it is harder to participate in concerns beyond immediate survival and self-interest.


What is this energy that could feed depleted and out of balance systems? According to modern physics, Tachyon is a faster-than-light condensation out of Zero-Point Energy. It is the universal substance of the cosmos that exists beyond the speed of light. Tachyon is the first energetic condensation of the potential of the universe - of All That Is. Therefore, Tachyon is the source of all frequencies responsible for the creation of all form. Tachyon Energy, if bio-available, offers the new millennium a way to enhance the physical, mental and spiritual bodies. This can slowly transform people into superconductors of that which powers the known universe. When directly connected to this energy, we are "fed" and sustained by existence, All That Is, the Radiant One. On the other hand, when we are energetically replenished and in balance, we naturally can turn towards helping others, world peace, planetary healing, cooperation and collaboration, and creating unparalleled levels of health and well-being. We can even work to build tools and lifestyles that create freedom from disease and pain as well as gradual elimination of disharmonious relationships - even war. Imagine for one moment what would happen if we could maximize our connection with the Source of Life. What would our lives be like if we could locally and globally restore peace, harmony and balance whenever we feel depleted, out of balance, sick, or lacking a peaceful and loving relationship to our worlds?

Tachyon - Energetic Continuum

Rejuvenating ourselves by drawing energetically on All That Is, is no longer just a dream, science fiction, or a mystic's vision. It is practical reality. David Wagner has produced a breakthrough in applied physics that renders Tachyon bio-available. David's company in Santa Rosa - Advanced Tachyon Technologies International (ATTI) - is committed to providing Tachyonized™ tools that reconnect magnetic fields of living systems to the Energetic Continuum. This continuum, or Life As We Know It, originates within the formless Zero-Point Energy. Zero-Point Energy condenses into Tachyon, the first form of existence. Through the Energetic Continuum, Tachyon is converted into all the frequencies necessary to create perfect form in our slower than light world, ultimately creating everything from a leaf, a bird, and you and me. As our bodies have access to more Tachyon, we become more alive. Scientific studies as well as anecdotal responses have demonstrated that greater and greater levels of peace and health result when individuals enjoy the rejuvenating and healing effects of Tachyonized™ materials.

As the millennium approaches, it is ever more important that we all do our parts to create a world of peace and harmony. Peace begins within. ATTI lives by example. The President, Vice President, secretary and treasurer of "Peace 21" all work for ATTI. Peace 21 orchestrates peace events and meditations and has chapters in over 24 countries. In addition, ATTI has a Health Center which works with clients to provide inner balances and promote healing. On a global scale, ATTI works with Tachyon users in 93 countries, promoting peace and harmony. Through the financial support of the Global Foundation, ATTI supports the creation of peace within the children. The Global Foundation is responsible for creating vegetarian, peace oriented orphanages. ATTI, through example, is a company for the new millennium. It is only when all of us do our part that we can change the world. 

Tachyon - May Peace Prevail on Earth It is now clear that the new millennium offers an opportunity for the richest possibilities of reuniting humanity and becoming one with All That Is. Tachyonized™ tools are a perfect blending of science and spirituality and share a part of the global shift towards restoring order and healing a fragmented planetary existence. From water to electromagnetic fields, from pain management to disease, from plants to animals - everything benefits from this evolutionary technology. Tachyon is the source of all frequencies and therefore the source of all healing.

When asked what Tachyon Energy brings to the new millennium, the ATTI staff unanimously responded, "Peace and Love". Through the past four years of exploring this world of Tachyon, it's been my experience that everything naturally wants to move towards higher levels of balance, health and the experience of peace. As we evolve into incorporating this energy through meditation or the Tachyonized™ tools, we increase our connection with existence. This creates an inner freedom. Freedom to give and receive. Freedom to create peace. Freedom to create One Heart with All That Is. The millennium is just a focal point in time for us all to focus on and remember: we are all ONE.