Window Treatment Kit 5G Protection

Window Treatment Kit 5G Protection

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5G and EMF Protection - At Home

5G by definition, is intended to penetrate all aspects of our social world. Inside our homes, bedrooms, cars, at work and even as we walk the isles at any store. Stop 5G! Meantime become proactive in your health.

The claimed value behind 5G originates from its ability to use a considerably broader spectrum at higher frequencies. Out of all the building materials, glass is the easiest for 5G milli-wave technology to penetrate. Therefore glass windows represent a significant issue in our homes, offices, and even our cars. We must address the window issue seriously.

We have evolved the perfect tools for the job. The Tachyonized Window Kits affect both the 5G milli-waves and your overall energy balance.

Tachyon Window Kit Solution:
Installing Tachyonized Window Treatment Kits harmonizes the 5G millimeter waves.
Still, more importantly, they expand the individual's energetic system every time they look out the window. For those that are sensitive, this is typically an expanding energy experience. For those that are not, it is still highly effective. Using Tachyonized Window Treatment Disks is a keyway to continually re-charge with every look, which is the key to Thriving In the 5G World.

FIRST, identify your window type. THEN, count the number of windows you wish to protect. FINALLY, select the correct Tachyon Window kits.
Installation is very easy.

5G Tachyon Protection - Window Kit Type 15G Tachyon Protection - Window Kit Type 2

  • 5G Window Treatment Kit

    5G Window Treatment Kit

    MSRP: $117.09
    A 5G-Power Pick™   In the home there are two interconnected issues, yet they need to be approached separately. The first is protection from 5G network milliwave infiltration in the home. The second is the EMFs created in the home...
    MSRP: $117.09