Tachyon is Changing Everything

Tachyon is Changing Everything

Our world exists in a state of chaos. Diseases are out of control, drug use is rampant, and pollution is choking streams, rivers, seas and the air we breathe. This energy, called Tachyon, is what many of the scientists of the world believe is the source energy of all energy we know to exist. It is imperative that no man interfere with its global distribution. I pray with heartfelt devotion that every living being will find the place of balance and order that comes from Tachyon. I believe we could change the world

Synergy Magazine:

Tachyon is Changing Everything
By Larry Johnson

Named for a Greek word meaning "swift", a Tachyon is a particle proposed independently by Gerald Feinberg and by George Sudershan and co-workers, capable of only faster-than-light speeds.

In 1966, Gerald Feinberg described the existence of an untapped, unlimited supply of faster-than-light energy called Tachyon. This incredible body of information presented by Feinberg was the missing link in explaining, at least in theory, where most of the "free energy machines" actually derived their energy. The word electricity describes a type of energy. The word Tachyon describes the Source of All Energies.

In the summer of 1931, Nikola Tesla took his nephew to Buffalo, N.Y. to begin testing a new automobile into which he had installed a most remarkable device. At the age of 70, and using his own private funds, Tesla built what is now believed to be the first known "energy receiver" (gravitational energy converter) that actually operated a motorless vehicle. The car was a large, heavy Pierce Arrow, one of the luxury cars of that era. The engine was removed and replaced with an electric motor. Under the dashboard, Tesla installed his energy receiver. Tesla said the converter produced enough power to illuminate an entire house as well as run the car. The car was tested for a week and effortlessly reached top speeds of 90 mph.

The performance data showed that besides using no fuel and producing no pollution, the response of the Pierce Arrow was at least equal to that of a gasoline engine. For the aging Tesla, this car was just a hobby that would not be taken seriously. Tesla knew this advancement would be no more accepted than his invention to provide free energy to every home without wires. Speculation suggests that most probably the same technology was used for the device installed in the Pierce Arrow. Thus, he would not discuss the Pierce Arrow’s technical achievements with engineers, theoretical scientists or companies almost without exception.

FirstNoFuelEngineTachyon.jpgIt is believed by many that Tesla was the first, but not the last, to actually build a receiver that harnessed gravitational field energy, which is now understood to be a direct derivative of Tachyon Energy. 

Since then, opposing great odds and against orthodox science, there has been a growing body of profound individuals who have been successful at harnessing this extraordinary faster-than-light energy called Tachyon.

Dr. T. Henry Moray of Salt Lake City, Utah is one of the gifted warriors. Working against an ignorant and money-oriented government and business society that suppresses the possibilities of a future without oil and nuclear energies, Dr. Moray continued until his death at gaining support for a revolutionary device. Dr. Moray was greatly impressed by the works of Tesla and in the 1930s was able to produce a 60 lb. converter that generated 50 kilowatts. Dr. Moray found the solution to our growing need for fuel. These small converters could produce electricity without pollution or any electrical input. They could be used to run almost everything. On July 13, 1931, Dr. Moray applied to the U.S. Patent Office, and just like Tesla, he had successfully harnessed the Tachyon field which permeated everything and then converted it into usable electrical power. The problem was that Dr. Moray could not prove where the source of energy came from, and in their infinite wisdom, the U.S. Patent Office rejected his device not because it didn't work (because it did), but rather because he could not prove the source of the energy.

The fate of Dr. Moray comes straight out of a comic book. He was harassed by everyone who could exploit or bury his invention including agents of the government. On March 2nd, 1940, Dr. Moray was shot in his own laboratory. After that he always carried a gun. His car had bulletproof windows, and yet the attacks still came. Up until his death in 1974 he gave lectures and talks to small interested groups. The technical questions that could not be answered then still elude us today. Dr. Moray's son took over where his father left off at trying to get financing and answers to why his devices work.

The day will come when science will be able to prove the Tachyon Energy Field. On that day the world will rejoice. And even now we draw ever closer to that day, but first more history.

This interest in gravitational energy (Tachyon) waged on throughout our world. In the 1920s and 1930s the concepts were being addressed by physicists like Levetzow, Stanyukowiz and Shneiderov. 

Dr. Nieper expanded on the gravitational field energy potential with certain theories that were supported by data gathered by NASA satellites during 1967-1971. 

In 1970 an American physicist named Stokes, called Nieper's Theory the "Shielding Theory". In 1972 Stuhlinger, a well know physicist working with Wernher von Braun in Huntsville, Alabama, derived that the "shielding effect could only be explained by the effects of a Tachyon field that had been described by Feinberg in 1966." 

Professor Shinichi Seike, director of the gravity research laboratory in Japan stated that "there is good news that Tachyons are surely present in gravitational space."

In contrast to several pronouncements, their existence (Tachyon) has been satisfactorily and reliably confirmed since 1975, especially by the USSR and Australian researchers. According to the calculations of a Japanese scientist, a leader in this area, "The energy concentration of this (Tachyon) field is several million joules per cm3, at approximately 800 million volts tension per centimeter-extraordinarily high! The basic principal is to force the Tachyon and its energy to interact with a different physical system." 

The belief of such great scientists as Todeschini in Italy, Pages in France, Kooy in Holland, Wyniatt in New Zealand, Nieper in Germany is that the Tachyon Field is real, accessible and extremely rich in energy.

Today many scientists agree that Tachyon Energy exists, and by proof of so many devices that are now in existence, it is only a matter of time until all our lives are changed by this energy. 

In the early 1960s a French scientist Andre Priore demonstrated a new aspect and potential of what could be done when Tachyon Energy is harnessed. Priore received a patent in France for a most remarkable device. And what does this device do? Well, according to the Canadian "Clean Energy Newsletter," with the device "in a rhythmical manner, he can induce magnetic behavior in the irradiated objects, by modulation of loaded neutrinos (increasing the cells ability to attract Tachyon)". The research focused on cancer and it showed so much potential that the French orthodox medical community took a very unfriendly attitude and so did Sir Alexander Haddow, President of the British Cancer Research Institute. When Priore brought his research to the USA in hopes of helping mankind, he was met with negativity. S.E. Luria, a well-known researcher of cancer took it upon himself to torpedo the tests. 

In the mid 1980s the apparatus finally began receiving solid French support from both the scientific world and the technological world. Most interestingly, the U.S. non-military scientific community continues to resist.

Even so, it shows us that the "Tachyon Era" has started, and the applications will be mind boggling. Natural Tachyon Energy healing and Tachyon converters producing free energy are not only in our future, but are our future. 

Science has also associated a certain quality with Tachyon that is most exciting. It is called negative entropy or negentropy. Negentropy seems to cause order out of chaos. It appears that the more positive entropy associated with an organism the more disorder, disease or chaos is present. That seems to help explain why Priore's device worked so well. It appears that it caused order out of a chaotic system. Patients with cancer (cancer cells are very chaotic and low vibration) were treated with his device, and it appeared to cause the body's natural cancer fighting abilities to become so active that the cancer disappeared. 

In early 1982 an article exploring the significance of the Tachyon field was published in Raum & Zeit. At that time they focused on the potential for free energy. 

Then in volume 4, 1991 of Raum & Zeit, Dr. Morton Walker, DPM wrote an article about the emergence of a company that had been successful in re-organizing certain materials. In particular, glass, water, and cloth had been used to become a conduit for Tachyon Energy to pass through. The article stirred the imagination. Dr. Walker associated the life force, Prana, Ch'i , Ki, and Qi, as being the same as Tachyon Energy causing a decrease in entropy by those who used these products. Dr. Walker described several commercial products available in the U.S. for private use. All of these products were developed by an unidentified company by an unnamed scientist in Japan. Even so, the availability for an individual to actually be able to hold an antenna for Tachyon Energy was in itself a godsend.

In a follow-up article published in volume 3, number 2, 1992 of Raum & Zeit, Dr. Walker provided even more encouraging news about certain athletes who had increased their performances most impressively by the use of these little antennas of Tachyon Energy.

Dr. William H. Philpott, M.D., writes most impressively that all our healthy cells have a magnetic charge that attracts and converts Tachyon Energy into biological energy in the form of usable electrons. Furthermore, Dr. Philpott reported that when a cell is in a state of edema, inflammation or disorders of sodium-potassium, the cells are shorted out and therefore incapable of converting free space energy (Tachyon) into biological usable energy. 

This seems to correspond with the negentropy philosophy associated with Tachyon Energy.

If in fact an unhealthy cell does not have access to Tachyon Energy or cannot convert Tachyon Energy into usable biological energy, then it would stand to reason that it could not rejuvenate itself. In 1990, Advanced Tachyon Technologies, a U.S. corporation announced it had perfected a revolutionary process that actually restructured natural materials at the sub-molecular level, turning them into permanent Tachyon antennas. 

It only makes sense that if one could cause a large enough source of concentrated Tachyons to flow through the unhealthy cell and if negative entropy actually causes re-order, then the cell would quickly become balanced. When this theory becomes an accepted fact, then the incredible breakthrough in Tachyon Energy treatments will rock the institution of our chemically oriented medical science treatments. "The greatest breakthrough ever!" — Carla Bowes, N.D.

They wouldn’t divulge the process to me, but they did share that Tachyonization (their word for the permanent restructuring process) has demonstrated that it is not a frequency, and according to David Wagner, is the source of all frequencies. They say the entire process takes 14 days, and the process is 100% permanent and patentable.

Extensive research with the public's assistance began in May, 1991 using Tachyon antennas. Located in Sonoma County, California, the Tachyon Health Center, (a holistic health center) was started for the sole purpose of testing the effects of Tachyon Energy. Studies were conducted on individuals with a large range of physical ailments. 1,400 treatments were administered with nothing less than amazing results. Most all of the clients reported immediate improvements that seem to compound dramatically with time. But, what is really exciting is that over 1,000 healthcare practitioners have been trained in the advanced uses of Tachyonized tools. 

They quickly answer the only question left: How effective are Tachyonized tools at helping those in need? 

From a distinguished list of independent researchers, practitioners and scientists involved in the testing of Tachyonized tools, spanning some 40 countries, comes the understanding that: "The future is here, and it is called Tachyon." 

Christina Cummings M.D. told the world on VPN reports, a national television special: 
"Tachyon energy works for me, maybe it will work for you!" 

"This Tachyon breakthrough is tremendously exciting because it not only supports the energetic model of nutrition, but is a powerful self-healing and youthing tool," world renowned author of Spiritual Nutrition, Sevenfold Peace, and Conscious Eating, Gabriel Cousens, M.D. wrote: "It appears experts agree that the future is here, and they call it Tachyon!" 

If Tachyon Energy is all that it is cracked up to be, then in the near future all of us will be healthier, happier, and have a better quality of life. Maybe then our world will be a little better for our children's children. 

Our world exists in a state of chaos. Diseases are out of control, drug use is rampant, and pollution is choking streams, rivers, seas and the air we breathe. This energy, called Tachyon, is what many of the scientists of the world believe is the source energy of all energy we know to exist. It is imperative that no man interfere with its global distribution. I pray with heartfelt devotion that every living being will find the place of balance and order that comes from Tachyon. I believe we could change the world. 

Tachyon: A theoretical subatomic particle traveling faster than the speed of light.