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"For the past 25 years, using the Tachyon Holistic Wellness Workshops as a vessel, we have successfully educated an estimated 15,000 Health Care Professionals in over 30 Countries. Today, everything is shifting. We are each being called upon to assist in the transformation and enlightenment of this wonderful planet. I have been led to release globally the Professional Tachyonized Tool Set and the Holistic Wellness training. My intention is to expand consciousness universally. I know we each have our parts to play in the process of enlightening this planet. I am doing mine. Now, it is your turn. Know this, we are here for you!"  David Wagner
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This online Tachyon Practitioner Course has been designed to elevate the student's awareness in the areas of use of the Professional Tools including TLC BARS™, Tachyonized VOGEL WANDS™, as well as the Tachyonized MASSAGE BARS ™. It systematically guides the student through understanding Tachyon culminating with advance uses as well as particular protocols. It Increases the student's knowledge and advances the student's knowledge of the effect Tachyonized™ materials have on biological systems.  

This step-by-step course provides the experience and techniques needed to begin accessing Tachyon's full potential. The Tachyon Practitioner Course is a stand-alone treatment based system. Once completed, the student can incorporate the knowledge into almost any type of therapy. During the second half of the course, the student is encouraged to implement their new understandings, with the simple practicing expanding their personal experiences with each section.

Specifically, this course trains healthcare professionals and those on the path of self-care to reduce and or eliminate their patients' pain, as well as training in treatment modalities for dis-ease and disorders. There is also an intensive course focusing on releasing blockages in the Energetic Continuum.

The student, with practice, can Master of the TLC Bars, the River of Life and the Bifurcation Point as the energetic keys to an incredible "youthing" process. Learning about the many other Tachyonized tools along the way helps in grounding the wisdom of the potentials Tachyonized materials have.   Evolving the student's ability to integrate both the internal and external Tachyonized tools. Accelerating the movement towards new levels of well-being and rejuvenation and radiant health.

The following videos should be watched in their entirety, as the wisdom and knowledge the student will derive creates a strong foundation for the second part of this course.

Update: Tachyon Online Course Introduction

Please view the following videos in order.  
They will give you a good understanding of what Tachyons are and how they interact with our world.

Afterward, you can move on to the Main Tachyon Course.

The Tachyon Era Explained

In order to fully appreciate the meaning of Tachyon energy, it is helpful to see it in the context of a holistic healing paradigm.

In my book, "Tachyon Energy - A New Paradigm in Holistic Healing" I stated that that the information provided would “play an important role in the healing and transformation of our personal and planetary world.” The results of my dedicated work with Tachyon energy have spread around the globe. Tachyon has transformed lives, helped restore health, evolved the spiritually attuned, and perpetuated research that has proven the value of tachyon. For me, the most interesting transformation has been my own as I have learned to surf the wave that follows the tachyon revolution everywhere it is discovered. My journey has been filled with self-discovery, realization, and awe at the clear grand plan that exists for each of us.    

Tachyon energy represents the merging of science and spirituality where a new paradigm has been realized. Life can be embraced as an integration of love, an experience of inner harmony, and a merging of energies creating relationships of sublime cooperation, joy and peace.

Tachyon energy provides a marvelous enrichment for a life oriented towards integration, love, harmony and cooperation in relationship, instead of power, competition, and alienation in relationships. Tachyon energy is part of a lifestyle that is healing for our body, our mind, our spirit and our planet.

Tachyon Energy opens a doorway to experiencing divine radiance, and the joy of your own inner radiance.

1. The Tachyon Era Explained    

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2. What is Tachyonization?

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3. Exploring the Energetic Continuum

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4. Subtle Organizing Energy Fields

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5. Frequency Healing vs. Tachyon Healing

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Aging is the breakdown of the system as it moves toward natural physical recycling.

Tachyon energy, being Source energy, aids the system in healing quickly and slows the aging process.

Here are a few examples of the wonders of Tachyon energy. We have hundreds more.


7. The only USA Patent in the field of Tachyonization.

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Tachyon Online Course

Please make sure you have viewed the Introduction to the Tachyon Era,
and the other six videos before moving on.  

A strong foundation is imperative for any education.