Q-links, Purple Plates, Diodes are Not Tachyon!

I have used many devices including Q-links, purple plates, diodes, sacred geometric forms, and also the ones you mention. My experience with them in general is that they all, to varying degrees, seem to create a noticeable sense of "integration" or coherence to my energy field that forms a subtle background to my ongoing experience. Tachyon is unique in my experience in that the energy it attracts or conducts is very focused and more "intelligent" or self-adjusting. I compare it to the difference between trying to cool a warm beverage by turning on an air conditioner in a room vs. dropping in a handful of ice cubes. The cubes not only do it much more efficiently, but when they have done their job, they disappear or become part of the beverage. ~ Alan 

Tachyon is the Source of All Frequencies

I had extreme lower-back and leg pain when I came in for my first Tachyon treatment. It was hard for me to sit down or get up. It hurt to walk any distance. It originated when I contracted Spinal Meningitis. I heard about the Tachyon Health Center and decided to try it. After my first treatment at your Center, the pain was 95% diminished within 24 hours. I was able to resume my natural activities (pain-free) the second day after my first Tachyon treatment. This is the first true relief I have experienced in 28 years. I’m not sure how Tachyon works…but it works! ~ J.P.L.

Tachyon Products - Glass CellsOk, so my most recent experience of the wondrously quick pain relieving qualities of Tachyon is when I woke one morning over Christmas with an excruciatingly painful shoulder and it was so bad I could barely move my arm without yelling in pain. So I taped three big Tachyonized Cells to the top of my arm right over the pain and was mystified that days later there was no relief at all. After a week (silly me for waiting so long), I went to the doctor and after he'd gently manhandled my arm in several different directions, and it was still so painful I was yelping as he did so, he told me the actual injury was a tendon on the top of my shoulder and that the pain I was experiencing at the top of my arm was referred pain only. As soon as I got home I gently prodded around on the top of my shoulder and felt a very small area that was slightly tender. So I taped a much smaller Tachyonized Cell over it, a 24mm, and next morning woke with no pain at all. I could lift my arm for the first time in a week with no difficulty or discomfort.Nicola

A woman aged 52 came to me. She could not even talk properly, since tears were rolling down her cheeks, and she was sobbing non-stop, at times falling into wild crying. The problem was in her relationship with her mother, who is an alcoholic, and has been abusing her verbally and physically since birth. Now both were living in the same building, in different flats just across the staircase. The daughter had to take care of her mother, who could barely walk. The physical abuse had become physically impossible, but the verbal one continued, and drinking was a daily routine. The whole relationship has actually grown from bad to worse. 

Tachyon Meditation Products - Ultra CocoonWithout any long discussions on the topic I offered the woman a Tachyonized Cocoon session, and assisted her. Gradually she became a bit more peaceful and could talk. Step by step I led her deeper into the early childhood, and on every step loads of tears and emotions were released. At some point, assured by a rush of energy through my body at the very idea about the exact next step in the process, I just told her that every soul chooses the parents for learning something important to them, and invited her to feel what the lesson was that she received from her mother. The lesson recognized was that one has to treat the other human being with dignity and respect. The woman also realized that she has actually learned this lesson perfectly well, since ALL of her other relationships with people were harmonious. I asked if she could express her gratitude to her mother for giving this lesson. There was a hesitation. The Woman had doubts if the mother would ever be able to understand. I invited her to sort of "rehearse" the situation: visualize her mother and play out the "thank you", as if it was real. That worked! The emotional scene was followed by a deep peace and bliss in woman's face. 

After the session I invited her to do the same in the real situation. "I can't... My mother will not even allow me to come and talk to her like this..." I encouraged her with words about her mother just mirroring the changes in her own energy system. 

The day after I came to know the following chapter of the story from woman's husband (she had asked him to tell it to me). The meeting with her mother had happened the next day after the session. The daughter and the mother had been together for almost 5 hours, and the daughter had come home glowing and happy (the previous visits have been lasting 1 hour or so, and left her totally drained). They have hugged and cried on each other's shoulder for the first time in their lives.

The very first session in my life I led in 1997 - right after the Tachyon Practitioners Training, Level I, before David had introduced the Emotional Release process (I guess I have described it once already). The woman I was giving a session to (Color therapy, which she came to experience and Tachyon), totally unexpectedly started remembering one past life situation after the other. There was a very clear line of related events - one life after another in search for God - in monasteries, being a monk, a scribe, a priest and so on, and never finding satisfactory answers. The second last memory was of being lost as a girl in a forest and freezing from the tummy down (the portion of the body she felt disconnected from in this life), and the last memory - of a little boy on a ship, looking at the sky and the sea gulls. There the realization came about God, which is everywhere. 

The next morning I met the woman - happy and for the first time feeling satisfied in her intimate encounters with her boyfriend. The top and the bottom parts of her body were re-connected. I met her three years later again. The first words I got from her, "You have changed my life forever!" Well, I just had to add, that it was herself, seeing herself, who has changed her life.  ~ Aelita

Tachyon Products - Panther Juice Pain FormulaTwo weeks ago I was sitting on the sofa reading directions for making sprouted wheat bread trying to determine in my mind the difference in fermentation and spoilage in "sun baking". Anyway, absorbed in this thought and not noticing my leg had gone to 'sleep' I get up to go to the screened in porch. Three steps and my knee crashes into the door. Hearing this, my mate comes to see my problem and starts giving me Reiki for about three minutes and I ask him to help me up. Getting up I noticed my knee has a two inch bright purple bruise and a thick layer of skin peeled back from where the bruise is. I hobble to the porch and sit down. Instantly I remember (being a Tachyon junkie) I have a Tachyonized 75mm Cell in my pocket. I put the Tachyonized Cell on the knee. The pain diminishes considerably. I hobble to the bathroom in search of an Ace wrap bandage to anchor the Tachyonized Cell over the knee. About two hours later I recall that I have Tachyonized Panther Juice and should put some on the knee. I unwrap the bandage and behold--there is no longer a bruise. It wasn't purple, red or pink anymore. Although I limped somewhat for the rest of the day; within 24 hours I was back to normal. The skin area never scabbed nor shows signs that normally are a part of losing that thick amount of skin. I was amazed and grateful for Tachyon. ~ Bob G.

 Two stories from my practice: 

There was an 11 year old boy who had cancer at the base of the spine - in the bone, nerve cells and soft tissues, and massive intoxication from the processes inside his body and the medicines. The doctors were helpless. He was in immense pain, when I was brought to him by his parents for the session, since they could not look at this suffering and do nothing. The boy was screaming loudly and praying for death. I felt intuitively that he was on the borderline between two worlds. I used everything I had - Tachyonized Cocoon, Tachyonized Flexcell, Tachyonized TLC bars, and finally my bare hands (using techniques from the Quality of One Levels II and III). After a half hour of work the boy refused everything, and I, respecting his will, stood back with all my Tachyonized tools and waited. After about 15 minutes the boy whispered his request to continue the treatment. I continued, and after some time I had a feeling in my hands I can't describe in words, but the message was clear - the boy decided to stay.

Tachyon Products - TLC Bars - Treatment ToolsOn the very next day he started getting back his appetite. After a few days he was quite communicative, but still in pain. Friday night we had a short conversation. "Why there is so much pain?" the boy asked me. "Pain is trying to say something to you, and probably to your parents too. It is trying to help you understand something very important in your life -some mistake you have made in your thoughts, words or actions" I tried to put it as simply as possible. At the same instant I felt sudden and extremely strong energy movement above the boy’s head - so intense a vortex of energy, that in surprise I almost dropped my Tachyonized TLC bars (a specialty tool for Tachyon Practitioners). Next I saw the boy and his mother on Monday night. I was told a story of the boy calling all his relatives, including his grandmother from a faraway place, and one by one talking to them - disclosing all the wrong things he have done to them, and asking for forgiveness. The last in the cue was his mother. "Mom, I feel so light and so much at peace now!" He died about 10 days later - in the arms of his parents so peacefully they even missed the moment of death. As we all understood, Tachyon has helped the boy to gain time for learning his life lessons and growing spiritually, for healing his soul and healing his relationships.

The other was a woman of 65. She had cancer of the uterus which had spread out into her entire abdominal area. On the operation table she was just opened and then stitched back by medical doctors, and left with not more than 2 months to live according to their prognosis. She came to me for help about 5 months after the operation. She was in pain. "Do whatever you can! I desperately want to live." Then the marathon started - two hour sessions every day six days in a row with Tachyonized tools, emotional release and conversations. Then the pain increased, and a huge physical cleaning started - vomiting etc. and she could not even come for the sessions. It was now spring time and in a few days she was reported being in her garden planting flowers and feeling great. Now 10 months have passed since then and she is still "alive and kicking". ~ A. Folkmane