Brain Research with Tachyonized materials

Mr. Haffelder's EEG Studies

Brain research with Tachyonized materials
Mr. G. Haffelder runs the Institute for Communication and Brain Research in Stuttgart, Germany. As an independent researcher working in the area of mind mapping and left-right brain balancing for the past 20 years, he is an authority on behavioral development and works with children as well as adults in the education and development of whole brain balancing. 

The following paragraphs are a synopsis of Mr. Haffelder's research: 
Three-dimensional, electro frequency analysis of both the right and left brain hemispheres provides insights into the functioning and balance of the brain. Mr. Haffelder did the study at the Institute for Communication and Brain Research in Stuttgart, Germany. The client whose test data is pictured in Figure 1 was tested while lying down with five Tachyonized Silica Disks on the body. One disk on the top of the hear or seventh chakra and one disk on each of the four lower chakras. All the disks were arranged so that the energy flowed into the body. The client was placed under mental stress by being asked a series of very difficult questions. The analytical questions included mathematics exercises that had to be verbally resolved. 

The test results demonstrate the powerful ability of Tachyonized materials to balance both the right and left brain hemispheres. Normally this type of balance is only achieved through sustained meditation, which could include alternate nostril breathing. The analysis addressed the beta (16-30 Hz) alpha (8-12 Hz), theta (4-8 Hz), and delta (0-3 Hz) brainwaves. 

Mr. Haffelder was quite fascinated by these results. Normally the stress battery of questions forces the brain into working in the beta frequencies. The test results showed an extremely balanced left and right brain synchronicity. Mr. Haffelder, a leader in the field, has been doing research for twenty years, in which time he has never seen a brain stay balanced during this battery of stressful and difficult technical questioning. Mr. Haffelder points out that the activity is not in the expected beta frequencies, but rather is in the theta frequencies. This means the answers to the questions were not coming directly from the brain's normal function. Mr. Haffelder notes that no matter how stressful the questions became, the brain never moved out of balance. The implications are exciting. Mr. Haffelder was so moved by the results that he incorporated Tachyonized materials into his seminars, in which he teaches children how to focus and stay balanced in difficult and stressful situations. 

brain-research-tachyon.jpgThese simple graphs dramatically demonstrate the beneficial effects that Tachyonized materials had on the brain. Whole-brain thinking has been proven to be highly beneficial in all aspects of life. Students. athletes, computer operators, artists, or anyone requiring increased concentration could benefit from using Tachyonized tools. The illustration on this picture demonstrates the balance of right and left brain hemispheres to be gained by using Tachyonized disks.