Difference between Charging Water
And Tachyonized Water

You ingest more life-force energy every time you
have a glass of tachyon charged  drinking water.

Phase-III a Tachyonized C.B.D. ISO 

Helping those suffering from chemotherapy side effects

Pure C
The Shocking Truth about Vitamin C

What I am about to share with you is eye-opening and a must-read if you are one of millions who consume Vitamin C supplements.


The Wonderful Effects of Detox

What may appear to be a negative effect is, in reality,
the body’s 
natural healing response as it begins to bifurcate
(move) back toward health and balance.


Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer?

Can cell phones cause entropy? 
YES says Dr. Gabriel Cousens.


Cell Phones: Hidden Epidemic

In today's modern age of science
   we collectively appreciate many benefits 
     of  technology...


Computers and Health

There are dozens of scientific studies 
   reporting adverse effects ELFs and EMF's have 
on our bodies. Yes, Tachyon is the solution!


EMFs and Biological Systems

It is possible to protect yourself and your
loved ones from the EMFs produced in your 
home and/or workplace. In fact, you can 
do more than simply protect your family…... 


Exploring EMFs and Health

Health problems associated with
electromagnetic fields is becoming 
less and less debatable. 


 East Meets West - Dr. Kim Lee

The merging of Tachyon energy therapy and 
Chinese medicine marks a giant step forward 
in energy healing. 


Tachyon Super Food
by Gabriel Cousens, M.D.

Tachyonized biological nutrients can target
a specific organ or system with rejuvenating and 
balancing effectsof Tachyon energy.


Dark-Field Study-Live Blood:
Gabriel Cousens, M.D.

Live-Blood research documented the effects 
Tachyonized™ Water has on live blood.


Health Today
by Gabriel Cousens, M.D.

"The Tachyon breakthrough is tremendously
   exciting because it not only supports the 
  energetic model of nutrition, but is a 
   powerful self-healing and youthing tool.


No More Cancer!

"In 2006 I was diagnosed with lung
cancer. Through the use of Tachyon, the
cancer is gone!"


Cell Phone Dangers and Solutions

Current research reveals that the concern we should be focusing on is not if cell phones cause cancer, but do cell phones exhaust our energetic structure.


Spirituality and Tachyon
with Gabriel Cousens, M.D.

Tachyon energy is a way to have complete
attunement and Oneness with All That Is.


Tachyon is NOT a Frequency!

Tachyon energy is the source of all frequencies. 
Tachyons contain all the potential needed to create a perfect Energetic Contunuum in the form of life.


Examining the Impact of EMFs

Electromagnetism typically associated with 
household appliances can result in a significant 
decline in muscular resistance and capacity. 


Synergy Magazine

Tachyon opens new possibilities for 
health and wellness.


Bangalore Times – Dr. Ramesh 

"Tachyon Energy: The New Form of 
Therapeutic Healing", by Vinita G. Singh"


What Tachyon Has To Offer
by Archana Roberts, Ph.D 

Rejuvenating ourselves by drawing 
     energetically on All That Is, is no longer 
     just a dream!


Kindred Spirit Magazine

Tachyons are little known subatomic particles that 
exist beyond the speed of light and have been 
largely marginalized to the wacky fringe of science.


The Energetic Continuum

The bridge that explains the relationship 
between beyond-light-speed possibilities 
and our slower-than-light world.


I Know why I am so healthy

"I'm almost tired of being asked why I look 
     so healthy now. I just answer by saying 
'Tachyonized products'."


Birth of Tachyonization

Through the search for Free Energy,
science postulated at first, and then 
indirectly proved, Tachyon energy exists.


The Form of the Formless Zero-Point Energy

Tachyonized materials offer direct access to the 
infinite possibilities of the Zero-Point Field.


Are Reiki, Prana or Chi the Same as Tachyon?

  The real potential of Tachyonized materials is 
in the expanding of consciousness, self-realization,
beingness and enlightenment. 


Subtle Organizing Energy Fields - SOEFs

Subtle Organizing Energy Fields (SOEFs) are the 
energetic glue of the universe.


Tachyon Insights

Tachyon Energy is omnipresent and limitless. 
It has all the potential information for 
creating perfect form in the universe.


A New Paradigm in Holistic Healing

Holistic health, harmony and healing of 
the body, mind and spirit are based on an 
energy source that is integral to our existence.


Changing Lives Worldwide

"The pain I once accepted as the daily 
norm, I no longer live with. It's Gone!"


A Friend Told Me About Tachyon

"My personal experiences with Tachyon 
continually amazes me!"


Animals Respond Naturally to
Tachyonized Materials

The consciousness and energetic make-up 
of animals is different from humans but 
Tachyon products have a positive, beneficial 
effect on them as well.


Joyous Life as a Super Conductor

Tachyon is a synergistic energy that brings 
the scientific and spiritual paths back
into 'Oneness'.


Q-links, Purple Plates, Diodes
are Not Tachyon!

Tachyon is unique. The energy it attracts or 
conducts is focused, intelligent and 


Attunement with the Cosmic Flow

 To understand how Tachyon facilitates attunement
with Cosmic Energy, with All That Is, requires
understanding that everything in this universe 
of space and time is made of energy.


Man-made Frequency Fields are
Causing Health Issues

Perhaps no other technological innovation 
has exerted as profound an impact upon
the history of human civilization as
has electricity. 


Tachyon Tools Work for Us!

Two and a half year old boy with cerebral palsy had no 
control of his movements. He couldn't turn from his back
to his stomach, speak, or hold toys. He was hysterical.
Until Tachyon.


University warns of Cell Phones
and Cancer

The head of a prominent cancer research 
institute at the University of Pittsburgh issued an
unprecedented warning to his faculty and staff.


The Wonderful Effects of Detox

What may appear to be a negative effect is, 
in reality, the body’s natural healing response
as it begins to bifurcate (move) back toward 
health and balance.


The Tachyon Treatments Work!

"I'm amazed at the results I'm getting from
the Tachyonized Silica Gel."


Sharing the Tachyon Moments

Exciting and powerful 
Tachyon testimonials!


Print The Poster

Print your own copy of the Energetic Continuum.


Science and Spirituality Merge

The energetic theory has been
applauded as a bridge explaining the
relationship beyond-light-speed 
possibilities and slower-than-light world.


Sharing the Tachyon Moments

More exciting and powerful Tachyon testimonials!


Humans and EMFs

William Bennett, environmental consultant New World Institute in Santa Cruz, wrote the following report on the performance of Tachyonized Silica Disk on humans.