A Moment to Share

I Wanted to Take a Moment to Share My Recent Tachyon Experience

When I first put my Tachyonized Vortex Pendant on, within a half hour, I felt like water was just being poured upon the crown of my head. My neck "cracked" in 4 places (it really needed it!), and I even could feel the sinuses at the back of my head start to drain. ~ Deanna

Remembering the Power of Balance

tachyonsilicadisk-library.pngI have been using Tachyonized Silica Disks for over two years to charge my sprouts. I definitely feel the sprouts are higher energetically! I tried the same type of experiment with tomato plants. My daughter and I planted 6 tomato plants this spring. We had 2 Tachyonized Silica Disks that were crumbling, so I crushed them into fine powder with a hammer. We then mixed the dust into the soil of two of the 6 plants. I was quite surprised at all the subtle differences we experienced. Even today we have tomatoes on the vine. There are almost twice as many on the two vines that have the Tachyonized silica dust. It could be me but I believe I like the taste of the tomatoes grown with the Tachyonized silica dust. 

Cheri James  

Tachyon Water charger .jpgThank you everyone who replied to my post on my cat's illness. I ordered Tachyonized Water, a Tachyonized Water Charger, Tachyonized Life Capsule and Tachyonized Pet Pouch. The next day, my cat was so much worse, I didn't think he would last until it was all delivered, so I went online again, and ordered the Tachyonized Water to be shipped overnight. It came the next morning, and I immediately dosed him. By this time, he had quit eating altogether, and I was forced to feed him baby food with a syringe. I gave him the Tachyonized Water drops 3 times that day and thought that I may be too late. I had to go to work for 3 days--I'm a flight attendant--so I instructed my husband on how to give my cat the Tachyonized Water, food and vitamins I had mixed for him. I seriously thought I would come home to find he had not survived. tachyon-pet-pouch-library.jpg

While on my trip to Brazil, I also got a remedy at the pharmacy that the Brazilians use as a hangover remedy--it is supposed to help the liver break down alcohol. When I got home, my cat was still alive and seemed a little better! He started eating small amounts on his own again! I kept up with the Tachyonized Water, also adding it to all the pet’s water dishes -- 5 drops in each bowl. I also started the dog and the ferrets on it. I have a ferret that had to have adrenal gland and tumor removed, and was not really doing all that well. I was hopeful, but trying not to get too optimistic. I had to fly out to Hawaii the next day, and meanwhile, the other products came. My husband put the Tachyonized Pet Pouch and Tachyonized Life Capsule on the cat, but he didn't like it, and tried to take them off. My husband took them off of him, but continued the Tachyonized Water and the stuff I brought from Brazil. This morning, my husband tried the Tachyonized Life Capsule and Tachyonized Pet Pouch again, and the cat didn't protest. When I got in this morning, I saw some improvement. He ate well, and seems to have some weight gain. He walked well, meowed at me and rubbed me with his head. I'm almost afraid to hope, but I think the Tachyonized products have done something for him. My husband is one of the most unbelieving people when it comes to things of this nature, and I know he thought I was crazy when I tried this, but he's actually making sure that all the animals get their Tachyonized Water--he sees the difference in them, too! I will let you know how it goes, but so far, I think I'm seeing a miracle. 

The vet never actually said the words to me, but I know he was sure my cat would be dead very soon. He said that no matter what the problem was with the liver, no treatment he had would be effective for it. Thank you all for responding to my plea. On the question of whether the ferrets have stressed the cat, I would say they could possibly with my other cats, but not this one. He is the most gentle and tolerant of them of any other pet in the house, but because of the nature of the ferrets, I keep them away from the cats and dog, because they are a little bit hyper at times, and I fear someone could play too rough and cause injury. 

Thank you all again so much. Holly Cooper

 For what it is worth, I give a little experiment to my cats: I put out 2 bowls of water and only put a dropper of Tachyonized Water into one. Without fail, they always drink the Tachyonized Water and leave the other. I switch bowls just to be sure it is not habit of placement. In my household, it is paws up -- my cats prefer Tachyon! 

Elizabeth Hamilton

To make a long story short, my root canal had become so infected it was abscessed on the brain. I had dizzy spells to the point of blacking out. When I had the tooth pulled, infection spread and the abscess drained so fast that I lost the strength on my left side and I started having seizures. Of course, the doctors won’t confirm this, but we are sure that is what happened.

tachyon-earrings-library.jpgThe Tachyonized TLC bars were of great help and I always had a Tachyonized Cell taped over the tooth, as well as Tachyonized Silica Gel around tooth before and after it was pulled. I used the Tachyonized Earrings and had a Tachyonized Cell taped over the thymus, wore the Tachyonized Wristbands and used my Tachyonized Meditation Wrap the whole time I was in the hospital. They didn't take me anywhere without my Tachyonized "blankie" and I got teased. It got to be quite a conversation and was a great way to get to talk about Tachyon! They kept wanting to know what in the world those things like chunks of ice were (Tachyonized TLC bars). Now the neurologist knows better than to ask me anymore about what those things are I am wearing! 

Lisa Dahlgren

Tachyon eye pillow (2).jpgI want to share a story about my healing. Two days ago I was awakened at midnight from acute pain due to a gall bladder stone. I tried the Tachyonized Eye Pillow and the Tachyonized Snuggy. They didn't work. I was thinking of using the Tachyonized TLC bars but I was too lazy to go out to the living room to get them. Then I remembered two 6 inch Tachyonized Silica Disks that I had in my room. I grabbed one and put it right over the spot where I felt the pain most. Immediately I felt the warmth and energy and the pain was gone in less than 5 minutes. Then I went to sleep right away. It is incredible. I am very happy to share this with my friends and I am thinking of buying more Tachyonized products. 

Prisca Hui

Tachyon Flex cell (2).jpgI found, quite accidentally, that placing the Tachyonized Flexcell 100, energy side facing up in my lap while driving, placed a Tachyon field between my eyes, and my view of the road/world. My awareness became enhanced, and it seemed to me that it required less energy and attention to maintain awareness of the road. Instead of driving in a tunnel, suddenly, I was driving through a world. 


I just wanted to take a moment to share my most recent Tachyon experience. Until 3 years ago I was a professional modern/jazz dancer. The show that retired me had me leaping & tap dancing on a cement floor for 6 weeks. Needless to say, I was in excruciating pain & was in physical therapy for 4 months. Although I had discovered Tachyon tools before this show, I had forgotten how powerful they were & for some silly reason, didn't use them. (That was a PAINFUL lesson!) Well, as opportunities arise, a choreographer I had once worked with called me out of the blue & offered me a job. I explained the details of my "forced retirement" but he urged me to come & watch a video of a previous production of the same piece. While there isn't a great deal of jumping, there is a bit. I allowed myself to be convinced to take the job.

Tachyon cell 24mm SAP.jpgBefore the first rehearsal I plastered a total of 7 Tachyonized Cells, 32mm & 24mm around the sides of each knee. I also wore a knee brace (not Tachyonized) & a Tachyonized Ankle Hug (I have very small feet & the ankle hug is too big on my ankle, but small enough wear around the knee) to keep the Tachyonized Cells even more intact. After the first rehearsal, I experienced a bit more soreness than usual while climbing stairs, but that level of soreness dissipated after one day. 

Tachyon cells 32mm.jpgAfter the 2nd rehearsal, I added an additional 5 24mm Tachyonized Cells (3 cells on each side of both knees) & experienced no additional soreness. My lower back however, was sore immediately after rehearsal (that pain comes from a previous injury). Fortunately I had my Tachyonized Flexcell 100 with me so I wrapped that around my waist the moment rehearsal ended. Of course, the pain was gone within minutes. 

I continued to wear both the Tachyonized cells on the knees & the Tachyonized Flexcell around my waist throughout the night along with falling asleep in my Tachyonized Cocoon. Maybe my lack of pain the next day can be attributed to the additional Tachyon support of sleeping in the Tachyonized Cocoon? As for the pain in my lower back, that came from a car accident whereupon I ended up with whiplash in my lumbar area. I did remember to use my Tachyonized tools for that incident. I alleviated most of the pain by wearing Tachyonized Cells on the affected area 24/7. The only time the Tachyonized Cells came off is when they'd fall off in the shower or if I was scuba diving. The pain seemed to move around so I'd need to re-configure the Tachyonized Cells to cover where the pain was occurring at that point in time. Before the Tachyonized Cells, I'd been wearing the Tachyonized Flexcell, but that didn’t seem to do the trick. Upon Star's suggestion, I switched to the Tachyonized Cells. I believe I wore the Tachyonized Cells for about a year straight. Although my back is still 'achy', it's not anywhere to the degree that it once was.

I'm still in shock that I'm dancing again. It certainly is fulfilling my spirit/soul & I'm having an absolute blast. Unfortunately I'm not going to be able to wear the Tachyonized Cells during the actual performances because of our costumes. The skirts are short & I'd look like some strange lumpy legged thing up there. I guarantee that as soon as I walk off stage I'll be slapping the Tachyonized Cells back on. 

Annette Pearson