Sun Spot - LARGE

Sun Spot - LARGE

Introducing the XXLs - Single Sun Spot - Game Changers

These Sun Spots focus Tachyon energy farther than any other Tachyonized tool available. You will experience the life-enhancing energy throughout the space in which they are placed. A peaceful, tranquil environment is the result.

Highly effective in counteracting the effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that disrupt and destabilize the body.
Normal Sun Spots are Tachyon's best tool for rooms that are depleted due to EMFs, electro smog, spherics (weather generated frequencies), geopathological fields, cell phone pollution, and human dissonant behavior patterns.

A custom XXL and XXXL are a game-changer. A serious tool for the serious spiritual warrior. Use one to support and promote mental clarity, purification, concentration, and a meditative, clear energy environment.

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