Pocket-Pro - 5G and EMF Protection

Pocket-Pro - 5G and EMF Protection

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We have entered a new technological era where humanity, without choice, is immersed in 5G World without escape. Our best Tachyon answer is to stop 5G. Until then, there is an understanding. In order to thrive in the 5G World, we must elevate our energetic system to become a superconductor. The best path is to raise the biological energy throughout the human system to a level where the individual is unaffected by 5G and older technology.

ULTRA Pocket Pro - 5G ProtectionThe 5G Pocket-Pro is for those who need 5G protection but don't want to wear a 5G pendant.
5G protection is the purpose. Incorporated into the design, this Tachyonized 5G ULTRA Pocket-Pro is an effective tool that boosts your immune system as it increases your vitality and strengthens your life force. Perfect for protecting you from the harmful effects of 5G milli-waves, cell phone radiation, and EMFs (electromagnetic fields). The stainless-steel housing contains an ULTRA 20mm Micro Disk permanently sealed insideCarry it with you in your pocket or purse and start raising your vitality today.

Tachyon Life Capsule - 5G ProtectionThe Life-Capsule key chain increases your vitality and strengthens your life-force while also helping to protect you from the negative, harmful effects of EMFs and 5G milli-waves. The waterproof capsule is filled with tiny Tachyonized beads that can be felt and heard rattling if the capsule is shaken. The Life-Capsule is permanently sealed securing the Tachyonized beads and creating a true waterproof seal. The Tachyonized beads’ multi-directionality creates a true Tachyon ULTRA product (Ultra Breakthrough explained). Carry it with you in your pocket or purse. Start raising your vitality today.

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