Tachyon and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Tachyon and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture treatments and Tachyon Energy are a blending of eastern and western methodologies - a combination of ancient tradition and futuristic therapy. In many ways it is a unification of the yin/yang, a perfect balance. As a result of these combined therapies, the patient can experience peace, harmony and wholeness.

East Meets West

After I experienced my first acupuncture treatment with Tachyon, I went home and felt like a million dollars."- Tara Chen

"Service to mankind is the greatest life one can live. Dr. Kim Le's life fits that description." Miriam Cooper, GA

"Kim Le is a sensitive healer. I have only admiration for her courage, in depth knowledge and skill." - Ted Kapchick, OMD. Author of The Web That Has No Weaver

The merging of Tachyon Energy Therapy and Chinese Medicine marks a giant step forward in the healing profession. For over 4,000 years, practitioners have used Chinese Medicine to restore the flow of energy, increase blood circulation, harmonize hormonal function, and alleviate pain. Their major focus was to restore balance to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of their clients. When using Tachyon Therapy in conjunction with Traditional Chinese Medicine, the results are quicker and more dynamic - nothing less than remarkable ! Tachyon Energy is a new paradigm in holistic healing and is the key to moving from chaos and stress in our everyday lives to a more harmonious, relaxed, and centered way of living. 

tachyon-tlc-treatment.jpgTachyonized™ material creates a permanent antenna for the "free energy" that exists in the universe around us. This antenna gives a person access to the physical and subtle levels of the Energetic Continuum. By combining Acupuncture Therapy and Tachyon Therapy the client has available to him all the information he needs on a physical and subtle level to promote self healing. It offers the potential to evolve through chaos into a new level of order. It elevates our consciousness and gives us back the balance needed to experience the insight necessary for total and complete healing.

Since our bodies are energetically balanced by Tachyon Energy, Dr. Le believes that Tachyonized products can be an added benefit to all healing modalities. Most healing devices are frequency oriented which means that they have limited healing potential. Neither Tachyon Therapy nor Acupuncture Therapy are frequency oriented which means that they both have unlimited healing power.

In her practice Dr. Le uses Acupuncture to unblock obstructions in a person’s body, mind, and spirit. The treatment is enhanced using the Tachyonized TLC bars to connect parts of the body that have been disconnected by surgery, emotional blockages or habitual memory. Tachyonized Silica Disks are placed at the client’s head and the energy is pulled down toward the feet. As the Acupuncture treatment creates an energy pathway, the Tachyonized TLC bars pull the energy from the Tachyonized Silica Disks so that the energy runs without obstruction through the entire body leaving a client with the sense of total healing, rejuvenation and well-being.

Dr. Le adds other Tachyonized tools to the treatment when needed. Tachyonized Knee Hugs are prescribed for joggers who have problems with their knees and Tachyonized Elbow Hugs are recommended when dealing with carpal tunnel problems or for massage therapists. Tachyonized Cells can be placed on areas where a client may experience pain or imbalance. Dr. Le’s favorite clients for Tachyon Therapy, however, are sports professionals.

One woman had gone through a major surgery two years prior to coming to the Kim Le Clinic. She believed this surgery contributed to her sleep problems. She would wake up constantly many times during the night and was debilitated by a sleeping drug. She had further problems with chronic reflux in which stomach acid reversed its flow from the stomach up to her throat when she would lie down at night. These two problems kept her from living a normal life.

Acupuncture treatments were prescribed twice a week for this client along with Tachyon Therapy. The Tachyonized products were applied to reconnect a six-inch incision from the collar bone to her solar plexus and stop the upward flow of stomach acid. After only a few treatments, the client saw remarkable results. Now her chronic reflux has subsided, she can sleep through the night, and her "passion for life" has returned. This is just one of the many successful stories Dr. Le was fortunate to provide to her clients.

Most of us exist in a fragmented, horizontal energy system and our physical body fluctuates as a result of the shifting of consciousness. The most important step to bring balance to the physical body is to operate and exist vertically which allows energy to flow naturally. Tachyon Energy facilitates healing of the body by shifting our consciousness from a horizontal to a vertical flow of energy and this opens the door to spiritual understanding and realization.

Acupuncture treatments and Tachyon Energy are a blending of eastern and western methodologies - a combination of ancient tradition and futuristic therapy. In many ways it is a unification of the yin/yang, a perfect balance. As a result of these combined therapies, the patient can experience peace, harmony and wholeness. 

Tachyon - Dr. Kim LeAbout Kim Le
Kim Le is a third-generation Chinese Practitioner who received training in Vietnam and China. Further, she received a Ph. D. in Chinese Medicine in the United States and is nationally certified in Acupuncture and Herbology (NCCA). In 1980, she founded the Kim Le Clinic which provides Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments which include Acupuncture, nutrition, Chinese herbs, lifestyle consultation, Qi Qong exercise, Feng Shui consultation, and meditation instruction. Since 1993, she has incorporated Tachyonized products into her healing sessions.

Kim Le has been interviewed on television and radio, for newspapers, and several magazines. She has taught Chinese Medicine at local universities and healthcare institutes in the United States and abroad. In addition to her work as a healer, Dr. Le is also an international speaker, health care teacher, author of six books and spiritual guide who presently has her private practice in Scottsdale, Arizona.