Tachyon Micro-S Product Development


Since the invention of Tachyonization in 1990 and the subsequent USA patent in the field of Tachyonization, the successful use of Tachyonized tools has always hinged on the quality of the different Tachyon delivery methods. 

For example, in 1992, David Wagner, working with Dr. Gabriel Cousens, discovered that Tachyonizing herbs is a superior consumable delivery method. For instance, when Tachyonized dandelions are ingested, we know that they will be absorbed directly into the liver, turning it into an active Tachyon antenna. As a result, we have developed over 40+ such organ-specific products targeting almost every organ, gland, or system.

In 2021 David Wagner created the Tachyon Micro-S, A major breakthrough as an external Tachyon delivery method. For example, Panther Juice (PJ) provides Tachyonized ingredients directly to a treated area. The effects are most potent through the absorption of the Tachyonized ingredients. The result of infusing Tachyon Micro-S into PJ adds a new element as Tachyon Micro-S antennas with a 9-foot field are layered on the treated area. The effects last long after the PJ ingredients are absorbed. The fact that the treatment can continue until one decides to wash the Micro-S off is a monumental achievement.

All Tachyonized materials help the body restore order and balance. The Tachyon Micro-S have the same effects as other Tachyonized materials. However, many exciting new attributes set it apart from other Tachyonized products.

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Research proves that the products infused with Tachyon Micro-S are a significant upgrade in effectiveness, producing the strongest Tachyon topical and external products we have ever offered to the public.

A few examples of some of the Tachyon Micro-S integrations:

Micro-S Infused Panther Juice and Ultra Freeze

Tachyonized Panther Juice is not only a best seller, but also literally the most powerful topical pain relief formula on the planet. And that was before the Tachyon Micro-S infusion!

When we infused Tachyon Micro-S into our best topical pain formulas, like Panther Juice and Ultra Freeze, a NEW, unexpected level of effectiveness revealed itself, as these tiny, 28-micron spheres settled into the skin and began bathing the area with Tachyon Energy. As the topical formulas dry, the tiny spheres literally roll into the skin, creating a long-lasting, 9-foot Tachyon field which, continually balances, heals and protects the area.

A common question is how to remove the microscopic, almost weightless Micro-S?Tachyon Micro-S infused product Well, by design, the Tachyon Micro-S are buoyant, and will simply float off the skin when in the shower, or when washing with soap and water. 

Tachyon Micro-S Star Dust 

Picture this: The Micro-S solution is mixed into any water-based paint, which changes the entire dynamics of any painted surface, creating a strong shielding blanket of Tachyon. The Tachyon shield negates the disruptors of the 5G field technologies, thus building the foundation for a 5G, EMF, and transient energy free environment – an actual experiential, sacred space. The Tachyon Micro-S bonds into the paint creating a permanent effect.  No worries, it will not wash off. 

Tachyon Youthing Cream

The results of our Tachyonized Youthing cream have made it a best seller. So naturally our research included upgrading Tachyon Youthing Cream with Micro-S. Wow, the effects were often visible after the first application. And research showed, that within two weeks, for most, the facial features were dramatically softer, with less fine lines, as well as visually healthier, tighter radiant skin. To remove, simply wash the face with soap and water. 

Ultra Balance Massage OIL Plus & Ultra Balance Massage GEL

Amazing! So not only do your client receive the healing and balancing properties of the Tachyonized oils and gels, but with the infusion of Tachyon Micro-S, your client will literally, leave wearing an invisible Tachyon suit.  Continuing your healing and balancing treatment until their next shower. Try and grasp what this will mean.

Tachyon Micro-S Body Spray (coming soon)

Created to allow an, at home misting, of a Tachyon Micro-S Suit, anywhere or everywhere on your body, or the body of a loved one. What a treat that can only be experienced. 
External use only.

Tachyon Micro-S Head & Hair (coming soon)

Micro-S infused Head & Hair is a leave-in hair conditioner. This product is designed as a brain balancer, 5G negator, memory enhancer as it sharpens the mental clarity. Tachyon charging the blood, oxygen and brain matter full time, when the product is on the head is a subtle whole experience. Research shows the experience is different for all who were studied. Tachyon Micro-S Head & Hear holds eminence unchartered exciting potential.  And again, to remove the Micro-S, simply wash out when shampooing.

Tachyon Micro-S Steam (coming soon)

Intended to be used in a single-person, portable steam room.
This Tachyon Micro-S Steam formula was developed for use in the water tank of a common single-person, portable steam room. An at home gift that thoroughly infuses one with the Tachyon Micro-S, creating a strong invisible Tachyon bodysuit. Which, of course rinses off in the shower.

There is more coming.

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