Car - 5G and EMF Protection Devices

Car - 5G and EMF Protection Devices

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5G and EMF Protection - In the Car

5G and EMF Car Protection Devices5G Tachyon Power Picks.  People seem to love the fantastic technologies that are now available on late model cars. The joy of driving a shiny set of wheels seems to now come with something unexpected: exposure to a plethora of health concerns including EMFs, 4G, and now 5G sources. Many are originating from the car itself and others from the environment. The fact is, most late model cars now come equipped with a high level of electronic equipment generating unseen in-car fields. To run all this technology requires robust in-car computerized systems generating more EMF fields.

These 5G Power Picks are explicitly designed to resolve in-car EMF issues. 
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Computerized cars are now standard everywhere. 
Computerization has transformed not just how vehicles function but also how they are made. Todays modern vehicles resemble computers on wheels.

Computerized systems, anti-collision systems, adaptive cruise control, stop-and-go features, cockpit generated Wi-Fi hot spots and more are all present in new cars. Any type of computer system will emit a large amount of EMF radiation.
The average car today can have between 25 and 50 central processing units (CPUs) which represents a significant exposure to 4G and 5G EMF sources.  

Advanced Tachyon began testing
In 2016 Advanced Tachyon, alongside global researchers, intensified testing in search of the right Tachyon solution for the EMF exposure in today's computerized cars. 

Our recommendation is to select tools that will be used in the driver's seat, and if you frequently carry passengers, set up each seat independently.  
Don't worry; you can always add more as needed.