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Computerized cars are now standard everywhere.
Computerization has transformed not just how vehicles function but also how they are made. Todays modern vehicles resemble computers on wheels.

Computerized systems, anti-collision systems, adaptive cruise control, stop-and-go features, cockpit generated Wi-Fi hot spots and more are all present in new cars. Any type of computer system will emit a large amount of EMF radiation.

The average car today can have between 25 and 50 central processing units (CPUs) which represents a significant exposure to 4G and 5G EMF sources.  

Advanced Tachyon began testing
In 2016 Advanced Tachyon, alongside global researchers, intensified testing in search of the right Tachyon solution for the EMF exposure in today's computerized cars.

Two of the most effective Tachyonized tools explicitly developed to address the in-car issues are the Tachyonized Car-Mate as well as the Tachyonized Carmonizer. Carmonizer Gold and Carmonizer Silver

Computerized Car Protection Kit is the solution
It is proven to protect and strengthen both driver as well as the passenger. The perfect combination requires only 2 Tachyon Car-Mates for a standard computerized car. The Tachyonized Car-Mates create a vibrant, sacred space for the occupants.
You may consider creating a safe zone for each occupant. This tool combined with the Tachyon Carmonizer creates a perfect inner cabin sacred space.

Be proactive, not reactive and Thrive in the 5G world

The size of the Car-Mate is approx. 10x16" (25x40 cm)
(If your car does not have clips, then we recommend you install clips prior to the Tachyon Car-Mate installation.)

In the following video, one independent researcher, Dr. Gabriel Cousens, a world-renowned author and life extension scientist, explains the Tachyon solution for the car EMF exposure problem.

Installing The New Tachyonized Car-Mate

Step 1.

Choose the driver or passenger compartment to install. You must install it under the existing floor mat.

Step 2.

Lift the floor mat up to place the Car-Mate. The mat may have a clip or clasp that needs to be undone in order to lift it up.

Step 3.

Take the Car-Mate and lay it in the center of the car floor. The Car-Mate is an Ultra product and therefore it does not matter which side you place down.

Step 4.

Lay the floor mat back down on top of the Car-Mate and reattach the clasp or clip to keep the mat in place. If your car does not have clips, then we recommend you install clips prior to the Tachyon Car-Mate installation.

Step 5.

You are done!
You can now bask in Tachyon energy while you drive. Protecting yourself is that easy.

Hop in and enjoy!

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