Difference Between Charged Water and Tachyonized Water?

Tachyon Water ChargerYou ingest more life-force energy every time you have a glass of tachyon charged  drinking water.  Unlike  Tachyonized Water, you may drink as much charged water as you wish. Please note that Tachyonized Water is  not to be consumed by the glassful. It is suggested that you start out taking no more than 5 to 15 drops of Tachyonized Water two to three times a day.

It is important to note the difference between charged water and Tachyonized Water. Tachyonized Water has been restructured at the sub molecular level through the 14 day Tachyonization™ process. This creates a permanent antenna which, even after it is ingested and absorbed by the body, continues to attract tachyon. Using Tachyonized tools to charge water actually increases the SOEFs to their highest potential, making the water the best it can be.

This difference is clearly illustrated with the bioenergetic potential measurements for each of the waters. These measurements represent a substance’s ability to attract life force energy. Independent research conducted at PSI Research Laboratories in Middletown, California, shows that the bioenergetic potential of Tachyonized Water was consistently measured at 1,558,000%.This is compared to the 222% potential measured for the Evian Water that was used as a control. From this comparison you can see how very potent Tachyonized Water is! Tachyon charged water, on the other hand, usually reaches a bioenergetic potential of 15,000-20,000%, which begins to slowly dissipate as soon as the Tachyonized Energy Cell is removed. The maximum potential of charged water depends upon the quality of the source water.

While the difference between Tachyonized™ Water and charged water is monumental, both are valuable in creating a healthful lifestyle. The beginning dosage for Tachyonized Water is 5 to 15 drops two to three times per day, while charged water can be taken by the glassful, just as you would drink regular water. Because Tachyon charged water offers a far greater life-force potential than that of regular water it truly feeds your body. We feel it is the ultimate drinking water.

We can’t say exactly how long it takes to charge water. There are too many variables involved like water quality, mineral content, the water’s source and history, along with the many energetic properties we cannot fully define. With that said, we recommend about eight hours to fully charge one gallon of water with a 4” or 6” Silica Disk.

Once you've removed the Tachyonized materials charging the water the charge effect slowly dissipates. Charged water never truly loses the benefit of charging, as while fully charged it is cleared of the harmful properties it had retained through the processes of its treatment in facilities and the "memories" stored within the molecules in the past. In this way the bioenergetic potential of the water is much improved long after the charging&nbsphas taken place.