Silk Meditation Wrap

Silk Meditation Wrap

Pure Tachyon Pleasure - 100% Silk Meditation Wrap

Let the mundane fade away as you surround yourself in silken ecstasy the Tachyon way. Tachyonized meditation wraps attract large quantities of life force (Tachyon) energy. Historically Tachyonized wraps have been used by men and women alike with equal results in reducing stress and balancing energies. Only a continuous angelic hug could feel better than wrapping yourself with these nurturing and rejuvenating Tachyonized tools.


You can wrap it around your entire body or slip it under the sheets for a peaceful Tachyon experience every night. Use it in meditation, prayer, or as an over the shoulder wrap. Body workers, energy workers and a host of other professionals find that this product profoundly deepens their treatments. You can even wrap this around your body as a skirt or get creative with it and have fun!


Approx. Dimensions: 45" x 70" (115cm x 180cm)
Tachyonized 100% Silk


Dry clean or hand wash with mild soap, then allow to air dry. This will preserve the life of the fabric.