Creating EMF SAFE Space with Tachyon Tools

Creating EMF SAFE Space with Tachyon Tools

The space that we live, work and play in is closely tied to our mood, our mindset, and especially to our health and balance. EMF and 5G radiation negatively affects us in each of those areas.

Creating an EMF SAFE space is more important than ever.
Being proactive has never been more critical.

In the rapidly expanding 5G world many of us are forced to live in, the situation has become far more complicated. Simply protecting one aspect of your life, like just your cell phone, is a great start but does not create a truly SAFE EMF space, where you can excel at who you are.
The experts now understand there are many areas of our individual worlds that need addressing to really move towards thriving in this 5G world.

Just a Few Areas of Concern To Think About

ATTI has been the world leader in neutralizing technology disruptors for over 30+ years. Prof. David Wagner has developed Tachyonized products to restore and maintain balance in all aspects of our lives.
In this edition, we want to share a few examples to stimulate your move toward it.

The World Standard in EMF Protection for Electrical Devices


Use Tachyonized Silica Disks over your circuit breakers, on computers, laptops, tablets, modems, Wi-Fi routers, televisions and home assistant devices. 

They neutralize the negative effects of 5G and EMFs and, at the same time, improve biological functioning. 

EMF Protector For Small Home Appliances 


Groundbreaking studies indicate that food prepared with Tachyon protected electrical appliances have greater energy.

Just snap the Tachyon Cube onto electric cord of your juicers, blenders, food processors or coffee makers. 

Excellent Small Space Protection 

Sun Spot Mini - Small Space EMF Protection

Tachyonized Sun Spot Mini is an effective small space energy clearing tool counteracting the effects of 5G milli-waves and EMFs that disrupt and destabilize the body.

Designed for smaller rooms like your office, bedroom or use it to counteract EMFs in your car. 

May 12th 2023 Tachyon Support

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