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Our European warehouse stock of the foremost virus OS products, which typically is a 3-4 month allocation, was depleted to 0 in a matter of days.

The next scheduled shipment is end of May.

We are making an emergency shipment of the much-needed virus products.
The primary issue for us is two-fold: First, we can not ship in any other way than by airfreight direct to our importing agent. Any other method risks custom delays. The second is that to ship with our air freight courier, we need 2000 kilo minimum.

To accomplish this monumental feat, everyone here at the corporate center has diverted all energy into preparing the new shipment. I mean, everyone.

It is our target to be ready by week's end. The pickup has been scheduled for Wednesday, March 25th, and should arrive before the end of March. That is in a perfect world. In this world, we will do our utmost to make it happen.

Temporary Help

We are accepting prepaid backorders for certain products, so you can go ahead and place your order and we will ship it from whichever warehouse in the world will get it to you the fastest.

Prepaid backorders will ship first! After all backorders are filled, the remaining stock will be released to the public


Mar 13th 2020 eTHAN

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