Virus Protection for CHILDREN Kit

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Virus Protection for CHILDREN Kit

This Tachyon kit contains the recommended minimum for your child’s protection from colds, flu and other viruses. Mix the Pure-C and Children's Immune Enhancer in juice or water. Small children may not be able or willing to hold the Tachyonized Water in their mouths for 20 seconds, but if they swallow it, it will still mostly get into their systems on the way down. The recommended dosage frequency is 2 times daily.
Sorry - No product substitutions are available in the virus kits.

Life Enhancing Tachyonized Water  


Tachyonized Water charges the Subtle Organizing Energy Fields (SOEFs) of every cell in your body. It bypasses the blood-brain barrier and transforms your whole being into a super conductor, energizing disrupted SOEFs and allowing blockages to dissipate. Removing blockages in the energetic system is one of the keys to radiant health and longevity. The increased bioenergetics allows your body to begin a physical and emotional detoxification. As your body clears and balances it returns to its natural state of balance. This creates a natural strengthening of the immune system, resulting in a greater resistance to colds, flu and viral illnesses, and a lessening of symptoms and quicker recovery if you or your child do catch one.

Because of its effectiveness in distributing Tachyon energy throughout the system, Tachyonized Water can be used for all issues. It is especially recommended for building and maintaining resistence to colds, influenza and similar viruses.


Purified Tachyonized Water.


Tachyonized Water comes in 3 sizes. New ultra-light bottle:
4 oz. (120ml) which contains about 2,100 drops.
16 oz. (480ml) which contains about 8,400 drops.
32 oz. (960ml) which contains about 16,800 drops.


It is important that detoxification be slow enough to be comfortable. We recommend that you begin with 5 drops two to three times a day, between meals. Many individuals take 15 to 30 drops or more three times a day for maintenance. Hold under the tongue for 20 seconds before swallowing. Use as directed for best results.  If you add it to a beverage or food, it will just be diluted and will pass out of your body as waste without having much effect.
Small children may not be able or willing to hold the Tachyonized Water in their mouths for 20 seconds, but if they swallow it, it will still mostly get into their systems on the way down.


Be careful not to drink directly from the bottle. Doing so may contaminate the water allowing bacteria to grow.


Tachyonized Children's Immune Enhancer - Alcohol Free


This alcohol-free herbal tincture supports children's immune systems, helping them to improve their resistance to colds, influenza and similar viruses. And if they do get sick, it can help them experience less severe symptoms and recover more quickly.

This compound is useful for most day-to-day health problems of children. Suggested in any instance of a weak or compromised immune system, or for maintaining an already healthy one. Especially helpful for instances of low resistance to viral and bacterial infections and those slow to heal. Highly recommended for children who have been exposed to colds, influenza or similar viruses.


OS-39 comes in 1 oz. (30ml). Using 30 drops per day this bottle will last about 1 month.


Dosage is determined by the child’s body weight. Add drops to water or juice, 3 to 5 times per day.
25-49 pounds: 5 drops
50-74 pounds: 10 drops
75-99 pounds: 15 drops
100 + pounds: 20 drops


Please check with a qualified health care provider for use with children under one year old.

Most effective when taken between meals.

This is a safe and effective compound with no known contraindication. However it is not a substitute for professional healthcare. If symptoms with any condition are persistent, seek qualified healthcare.

Keep out of reach of children.

Tachyonized Immune Enhancer is a 100% Tachyonized™ blend of liquid extracts:

Echinacea Root
Sweet Orange Essential Oil
Vegetable Glycerine, USP
Tachyonized Water


PLEASE NOTE: We use only Certified Organic and Wildcrafted herbs!

This is a money saving immune system support kit for your children.
Of course at anytime you can purchase each product singly.

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