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Tachyon SuperFoods

Tachyon SuperFoods

super-tachyon-food.jpgInternal Youthing

Tachyon Super Foods, Tachyonized Supplements, and Internal Organ-Specific Herbal Remedies, feed the body the energy it needs. Tachyonized Supplements are designed to be absorbed by the body through your metabolism and convert the targeted organ or gland into a Tachyon antenna energizing, balancing and promoting health from the inside out. Our products contain only natural, organic ingredients AND they are Tachyonized. And that means your body receives the benefits from superior natural ingredients, combined with the life-saving, life-enhancing energy from Tachyons.

Tachyonized Products are Key Factors in Rejuvenating, Youthing, and Creating a Healthy, Joyous Life.

Revolutionary breakthrough to transform your organs, glands and systems into Tachyon antennae. When eaten, Tachyon energy is carried by the specific herb and metabolized into the targeted organ or gland. Through metabolism the organ or gland is energetically rejuvenated and brought back to balance bringing the treatment, healing and rejuvenation to a higher level. We use only Certified Organic and wildcrafted herbs proven to be effective. Targeting specific body parts or health challenges using Tachyon products is a very powerful health protocol.