OS-H4 30ml

  • OS-H4 30ml
  • OS-H4 30ml
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Tachyonized Viral and Bacterial Remedy


An effective antiviral and antibacterial. Especially useful in the treatment of respiratory and urinary infections. Lomatium root has been used to help enhance the immune system. Echinacea helps to increase the natural production of virus-inhibiting interferon in the body.


As adjunct therapy in conditions associated with or caused by virus. These include: shingles, herpes, mumps, measles, flu, Hepatitis C, Epstein-Barr, infectious mononucleosis, viral meningitis and encephalitis.


OS-4 comes in 1 oz. (30ml). Using 30 drops per day this bottle will last about 1 month.


Internal application: 15 to 20 drops in water, two to four times per day between meals.
Topical application: Apply to infected area 2 to 4 times per day. Also take drops internally for best results.


If skin rash develops after several days or weeks of using this compound, discontinue use. The rash will disappear quickly. Viral infections and diseases can be serious, especially when accompanied by a fever. Promptly seek qualified healthcare.

Tachyonized Viral and Bacterial Remedy is a Tachyonized blend of liquid extracts:

PURPLE - ALCOHOL-based Tachyonized Viral and Bacterial Remedy contains:
(certified organic grain alcohol (47-52%), distilled water, and vegetable food grade glycerin)
OS-4 Viral and Bacterial Remedy
Lomatium root (Lomatium Dissectum)
Echinacea seed (Echinacea purpurea)
St. John's Wort flower and bud (Hypericum perforatum)
Lemon Balm leaf and flower (Melissa officinalis)
Olive leaf (Olea europaea)

Tachyonized Viral and Bacterial Remedy is free of: gluten, preservatives, GMO, artificial colors, heavy metals, pesticides or fertilizers.  
We use only Certified Organic and Wildcrafted herbs!

Shake well before using. Sediment in the product is normal due to the high quality of the herbs used in our tinctures. If the dropper gets plugged, use a toothpick or needle to unplug, as shown.


By incorporating Ultra-Disks into any treatment we quickly balance the natural meridian flow thereby enhancing the entire treatment.Generally, you can use the 15mm Micro or Ultra-Disk for all applications. Locate the Cell Points as described below. Determine which Cell Points are the tenderest. Liberally apply Panther Juice to these points and allow to dry thoroughly. Using Cell-Dotts or surgical tape, adhere the Micro-Disks to the desired point. It is very important to cover the entire spot.


os-4-viral-and-bacterial-cell-points1.jpgLocation: Cell Point A is located in the depression directly below the protrusions of the collarbone.
Benefits: Strengthens the immune system as well as relieves chest congestion, breathing difficulties, asthma, coughing, anxiety and depression.

Location: Cell Point B is located on the center of the breastbone three finger widths up from the base of the bone.
Benefits: Relieves anxiety, anguish and depression. Boosts the immune system and regulates the thymus.

The Thymus is two to three finger widths below the collarbone.

os-4-viral-and-bacterial-cell-points.jpgLocation: Cell Point C is located two finger widths below the belly button.
Benefits: Strengthens the condition of the immune system and internal organs.

Location: Cell Point D is located near the spine, off the tips of the shoulder blades.
Benefits: This particular point governs resistance to colds and flu.

Application: Liberally apply Panther Juice to the areas and allow them to dry completely. Adhere Micro-Disks with Cell-Dotts.
Duration: Start Cell Point application when you begin using OS-4. Continue wearing the Micro-Disks for two or three days after symptoms have cleared. Reapply at the first sign of imbalance.

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