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Introducing 2 NEW Tachyon Products

Tachyonized Panther Juice Plus

The infusion of our popular Panther Juice with CBD has been met with universally positive feedback after releasing it in the U.S. It is only fair that we offer the Panther Juice + to everyone that wants to try it, so PJ+ is now available in 60ml bottles in Europe. The regular Panther Juice without CBD will continue to be available. This is a new option, and not a replacement.

Liberty Belt X  

For years the Liberty Belt has been the solution for so many. On occasion, we have been silently helping clients who needed even more power. Our solution has now spilled over into what we call the Liberty Belt X.

The new Liberty Belt X2 stands out from the original Liberty Belt in one powerful way: The X contains 2 complete sets of 3 Tachyonized Ultra Disks. The standard Liberty Belt contains 1 set. That's double the Tachyon power. So, when you need it, the Liberty Belt X may be the perfect solution.


Aug 15th 2019 Beate

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