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A Note From David Wagner

These are challenging times for all!

Our manufacturing facility has been running on overtime, keeping up with the demand, as is evident by this emergency shipment.

Our suppliers of many herbs we use in our OS products have now sold out. I worked for two weeks searching and acquiring needed ingredients from new sources. Tachyon immune system products work. So I will continue to reach out to all our vendors, purchasing what we can. Unfortunately, all the latest sources have had little in stock, and their prices are up to 100% more than our contracted source. We are dealing with this.

Please be aware that some OS products will have a different taste, as we have used various suppliers' ingredients when blending. For example, internal products with 20% or more Reishi mushrooms have a distinctive, more robust taste. Don't worry, as this is 100%, ok!

Together we will be the light,


Apr 6th 2020 David Wagner

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