7mm CZ Flower Earrings - Lever Back

JE-SF7 Flower Silver Earrings
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Very elegant high quality sterling silver Tachyonized™ cubic zirconia flower earrings with lever back. Approximately 7mm in diameter.

Wear these beauties to stimulate the meridian points in the ears, help balance the right and left hemisphere of the brain, help increase clarity while studying for exams, or wear daily to stimulate the area to function at its highest bioenergetic potential. When wearing the Tachyonized earrings it is important that you wear one in each ear to facilitate balance. 

According to traditional Chinese medicine and other healing systems, the ears contain a map of the whole body. 
Tachyonized™ earrings are designed to stimulate the meridian points in the ears by charging the SOEFs. (SOEFs explained


Wearing these earrings can stimulate specific reflex points, as well as balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain. The Subtle Organizing Energy Field (SOEF) converts Tachyon into the various frequencies needed to create order and harmony. Tachyonized earrings work by charging your Subtle Organizing Energy Fields (SOEFs) and stimulating the body to function at its highest bio-energetic potential. 



Swiss customers, please note: This product cannot be shipped to Switzerland.

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