5G Protection Options

5G Protection Options

All of our Tachyonized™ 5G Pendants are effective choices for 5G and EMF radiation protection and the key is to find the one that fits who you are. They all offer slightly different benefits depending on what you are looking for.

5G Freedom Pendant is our strongest and most powerful pendant. This pendant incorporates two Tachyonized crystals opposing each other with a special air-gap setup that creates a strong, effective, and unique energy field. 

5G Mini-V Pendant - A mini-version of the original Vortex Pendant incorporates one Tachyonized crystal positioned vertically supporting and balancing your vertical energy flow. 

5G Freedom and 5G Mini-V pendants both have verticalizing effects helping to support and balance your vertical energy flow, integrating your chakras, generating a sense of well-being and harmony, and protecting you from 5G and EMFs.

5G Vintage Pendant has a 20mm Tachyonized ULTRA micro-disk encased inside. The pendant helps to expand and charge the central system horizontally, enhancing your vitality and immune system.

5G Orb Pendant is a compact yet highly effective pendant that serves as an immune system enhancer, shielding you from the harmful effects of 5G and EMFs. It is crafted with a multitude of Tachyonized beads bouncing energy off each other creating a NEO Field.