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the Indigo Project is really starting to look like it will realize itself!  I have seen 3 scripts, two videos and one completed video!  It is something never before done!  We have all heard of and most likely know indigo children. The creative, empathetic and highly gifted beings who will soon inherit this mess/world. Their time is almost here.  In this project, one 16-year-old writes, directs, films, does the sound, does the sets, does all the editing and attempts to open our minds to helping his generation not just save the planet, but enlighten it! A real indigo activity.

If this strikes a chord with you, PLEASE respond to this t-zine with a positive affirmation so he can feel that bringing the planet back to balance is something we are all interested in.  This will help him evolve/share his step by step plan inviting us to participate in this amazing project.



Meet the future soon!