Sport And Athletes

Sport And Athletes

Recovery. Enhancement. Healing. Relief ––
Tachyon products have been serving world-class athletes for many years. But it is a secret! 

Since the early 90's, athletes in all sports––American football, soccer, hockey, rugby, tennis, auto and motorcycle racers, even stuntmen are using Tachyonized products to enhance their performance and keep their bodies tuned. donovan-osborne-tachyon-user.jpg


Donovan Osborne was a first round draft pick with eighteen years of professional baseball including his stints as a starting pitcher for the Cardinals, Cubs and Yankees. Ozzy is now a Northern California training legend, sharing his skills with up-and-coming players.

jae-wagner.jpgHis entire training facility is painted with Tachyonized Star-Dust to protect the players from electro-magnetic radiation. He uses many other Tachyon products and so do his students. Everything from Mini-V pendants, Panther Juice and Shoe Inserts to Custom-Tachyonized Jerseys and Uniforms. Rarely does such a superstar openly endorse a product just because it works. Here is one of his students, a Tachyon user and All Star Pitcher. Tachyon products give you the athlete's edge. Have a look at the array of athletic products we have for you.