New Silver and Gold Car Harmonizer

Introducing The All New Tachyon Carmonizer™ (Car Harmonizer)


It is clear from the studies that long-term exposure to harmful man-made EMF emitting devices can cause serious ailments and disease. The hazardous electromagnetic field emanating from vehicles has become a source of exposure to those who commute for work or pleasure. The Carmonizer was designed to bathe you in a rich Tachyon field and the expansive Neo Field. Every Carmonizer comes with an Ultra Micro-Disk sealed in the chamber. Powerful protection. Safe. Good for a lifetime.

The Carmonizer, once installed and aimed (in this case) at the driver, will perform effortlessly. When you harmonize your vehicle's EMFs, you will feel the difference. Driving with a Carmonizer is a welcome experience. Try it for a few weeks and enjoy a welcome shift in your overall sense of well being. And that we guarantee!

Sizes:Outside diameter is approximately 25mm and is made of high polished stainless steel. The inside is a Tachyonized Ultra Micro Disk. The entire system is sealed to promote longevity.

Directions:You may install one for the driver, and one for the passenger to enjoy a communal equilibrium.
Works in most cars, trucks and RVs. Fits most vent systems. Slide the Carmonizer onto the vent and point it towards the desired recipient. Easy as one-two-three.

carmonizer-in-car-2.jpg carmonizer-in-car-3.jpg carmonizer-in-car.jpg
Easily fits most venting systems
carmonizer-in-car-s4.jpg carmonizer-in-car-g1.jpg carmonizer-in-car-s3.jpg
Try it for a few weeks and enjoy a shift in your overall sense of well being.
And that we guarantee!
Jul 16th 2018 Beate

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