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Chemo Research - Phase-III

Cancer and Chemo Major Update:

I am always testing and evaluating possibilities. Sometimes my findings warrant more research. And so a project is born. One such project has given me a particular twinkle in my eye.

Tachyonized Phase-III is a powerful CBD Isolate which appears to be extremely effective diminishing Chemo side effects. Phase-III quick effects defies the need to explain anything about Tachyon, allowing you to focus on healing. 

I am opening Phase-III to the Tachyon Family.

2nd Stage Research – Closed
Reports from those in our chemo research project state that they experience Tachyonized Phase-III as transformative. Reports of a higher quality of life, significant pain reduction, lower inflammation, and renewed energy are typical responses from the test subjects at this time.

We have one such project participant who comes into Tachyon headquarters every week, pushing me to release this to the public. If you could see her, you would see the transformation of this stage 4 dying woman who reportedly had only 4-5 days per month where the chemo side effects were not totally debilitating. Regular use of Phase-III has transformed her into who she is today - from physical misery into a vibrant old lady who went bowling twice last week, and is fully engaged again. 90% of all the side effects are gone, thanks to Tachyonized Phase-III.

Phase-III – Open Free one month supply Tachyonized Phase-III for qualified applicants

We are opening the project to a limited number of participants.

If you or someone you love is currently suffering from the side effects of chemo, then we invite you to apply.

What we need: We need the world to know! The best way is through honest testimonials to the effectiveness of the Tachyonized Phase-III. We will provide the first month's supply free of charge*. If you provide a written report/testimonial, we will provide the second month at half price. A third report will earn you a 2-month supply at half price.

Please become a part of changing the world.

*The product is free, you pay the standard nominal shipping fee.


Oct 30th 2019 David Wagner

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