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Organ Specifics 11 to 20

Organ Specifics 11 to 20

Transform Your Organs, Glands and Systems into Tachyon Antennae!

Revolutionary breakthrough to transform your organs, glands and systems into Tachyon antennae. When eaten, Tachyon energy is carried by the specific herb metabolized into the targeted organ or gland. Through metabolism the organ or gland is energetically supported back to balance, bringing the treatment, healing and rejuvenation to a higher level. We use only Certified Organic and wildcrafted herbs proven to be effective. So, targeting specific body parts or health challenges with Tachyon 
supplements is a powerful way to stay healthy and overcome health challenges.  

  • OS-H20 30ml OS-20  Immune System Tonic

    OS-H20 30ml

    5G-Power Pick -   Without a doubt, living in a 5G world will slowly weaken immune systems. Therefore, along with all the other uses, Tachyonized Immune system tonic is now also considered an essential part of preventative 5G health practices...
  • Awaiting A New Shipment
    OS-H19 30ml OS-H19 30ml

    OS-H19 30ml

    Tachyonized Blood Pressure Tonic ACTIONS: This compound is used in general as a cardiovascular tonic, specifically for normalizing high blood pressure. It also works as a mild diuretic removing excess water from the cardiovascular system. POTENTIAL USES:...
  • OS-H14 30ml OS-H14 30ml

    OS-H14 30ml

    Tachyonized Hay Fever & Allergy Remedy ACTIONS: The herbs in this compound act as an astringent, anti-inflammatory, and decongestant for the membranes of the throat and upper respiratory tract, nose, sinuses and eyes. POTENTIAL USES: Offers...
  • OS-H15 30ml OS-H15 30ml

    OS-H15 30ml

    Tachyonized Headache & Migraine Remedy ACTIONS: Medical research has proven the effectiveness of Feverfew in decreasing the frequency and/or intensity of migraine headaches when used on a daily basis. Also relieves some of the accompanying symptoms...
  • OS-H13 30ml European Label

    OS-H13 30ml

    Tachyonized Gynecological Tonic ACTIONS: Helps to relieve menstrual problems. Helps maintain healthy tone and posture of uterus and bladder, and prevents or restores uterine prolapse, malposition, amenorrhea. As a prenatal tonic this compound eases...
  • OS-H16 30ml OS-H16 30ml

    OS-H16 30ml

    Tachyonized Herbal Ear Drops ACTIONS: This compound acts as a restorative tonic to the blood vessels in the ear while inhibiting or destroying bacteria and fungus present in the ear canal. Also controls inflammation, edema, and itching. Softens...
  • OS-H11 30ml OS-H11 30ml

    OS-H11 30ml

    Tachyonized Estrogen Enhancing Tonic ACTIONS: This compound is high in phytoestrogens that mimic the chemistry of estrogen. The estrogen effect of the phytoestrogens is slower and weaker than that of medical estrogen, but is free of the chemical’s side...
  • OS-H18 30ml OS-H18 30ml

    OS-H18 30ml

    Tachyonized Herbal Tonic for Athletes ACTIONS: There are no health-threatening side effects to this compound that contains natural phytosterols (plant steroids). While the metabolic effects may not be as dynamic or fast acting as synthetic steroids...