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Organ Specifics 1 to 10

Organ Specifics 1 to 10

Transform Your Organs, Glands and Systems into Tachyon Antennae!

Revolutionary breakthrough to transform your organs, glands and systems into Tachyon antennae. When eaten, Tachyon energy is carried by the specific herb metabolized into the targeted organ or gland. Through metabolism the organ or gland is energetically supported back to balance, bringing the treatment, healing and rejuvenation to a higher level. We use only Certified Organic and wildcrafted herbs proven to be effective. So, targeting specific body parts or health challenges with Tachyon
supplements is a powerful way to stay healthy and overcome health challenges.  

  • OS-H1 30ml OS-H1 30ml

    OS-H1 30ml

    Tachyonized Anti-Inflammatory Remedy ACTIONS: The herbs in this compound help to relieve the intensity and duration of inflammation process which then minimizes tissue damage and speeds up the healing process. The...
  • OS-H6 30ml OS-H6 30ml

    OS-H6 30ml

    5G-Power Pick -  Brain activation and balance are key to thriving in a 5G world, making this a perfect fit in a 5G power pick tool kit. ACTIONS: Folklore suggests that the herbs in this compound directly retard aging of brain and nerve cells...
  • OS-H4 30ml OS-H4 30ml

    OS-H4 30ml

    Tachyonized Viral and Bacterial Remedy ACTIONS: An effective antiviral and antibacterial. Especially useful in the treatment of respiratory and urinary infections. Reishi mushroom has been used to help enhance the immune system. Echinacea helps to...
  • OS-H10 30ml OS-H10 30ml

    OS-H10 30ml

    Tachyonized Cold & Flu Remedy ACTIONS: The herbs in this compound are especially effective in treating viral and bacterial infections. Osha root is excellent for producing perspiration and eliminating toxins from the body. POTENTIAL...
  • OS-H7 30ml OS-H7 30ml

    OS-H7 30ml

    Tachyonized Cardiovascular Tonic ACTIONS: This compound contains flavonoids which have been shown to enhance the connective tissue of the heart, blood and lymph vessels that bring micro-nutrition to the heart and surrounding...
  • OS-H5 30ml OS-H5 30ml

    OS-H5 30ml

    Tachyonized Digestive System Tonic ACTIONS: This pleasant tasting compound calms and tones the digestive system, relieving gas and nausea. A mildly warming stimulant that aids the whole digestive process. POTENTIAL USES: Useful in relieving flatulence...
  • OS-H2 30ml OS-2 Anti Trauma

    OS-H2 30ml

    Tachyonized Anti-Trauma Remedy ACTIONS: The herbs in this compound help to restore balance to the physical system after accidents, such as falls, hard blows, strains or sprains. Definitely indicated before and after surgery. Supports healthy vascular and...
  • OS-H9 30ml OS-H9 30ml

    OS-H9 30ml

    Tachyonized Circulation Enhancing Tonic ACTIONS: Excellent for enhancing the general circulation of the blood and warming the extremities. Increases resistance to damaging environmental factors and illnesses, and increases overall vitality. POTENTIAL...
  • OS-H3 30ml OS-H3 30ml

    OS-H3 30ml

    Tachyonized Antispasmodic Tincture ACTIONS: This herbal tincture is an anti-spasmodic and diffusive stimulate. Relieves muscular and visceral tensions in the body while vitalizing and equalizing the neurological force and the circulation of the blood and...