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Organ Specifics 21 to 30

Organ Specifics 21 to 30

Transform Your Organs, Glands and Systems into Tachyon Antennae!

Revolutionary breakthrough to transform your organs, glands and systems into Tachyon antennae. When eaten, Tachyon energy is carried by the specific herb metabolized into the targeted organ or gland. Through metabolism the organ or gland is energetically supported back to balance, bringing the treatment, healing and rejuvenation to a higher level. We use only Certified Organic and wildcrafted herbs proven to be effective. So, targeting specific body parts or health challenges with Tachyon 
supplements is a powerful way to stay healthy and overcome health challenges.  

  • OS-H26 30ml OS-H26 30ml

    OS-H26 30ml

    Tachyonized Restorative Nerve Preparation ACTIONS: Serving as a restorative to damaged and irritated nerves the herbs in this compound have a mild sedative action that soothes nervous agitation and excitability. POTENTIAL USES: Specifically indicated for...
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    OS-H22 30ml OS-H22 30ml

    OS-H22 30ml

    Tachyonized Lymphatic & Glandular Tonic ACTIONS: This compound is known in traditional folk medicine as a “blood purifier”, acting through the lymphatic, glandular and mucous membrane systems. Its primary action is to balance the processes associated...
  • OS-H27 30ml OS-27 Restorative Venous

    OS-H27 30ml

    Tachyonized Restorative Venous Tonic ACTIONS: The herbs in this compound work to improve the overall health of the veins, increasing their strength and flexibility. The permeability of the veins is reduced thereby inhibiting edema. Herbal agents...
  • Awaiting A New Shipment
    OS-H30 30ml OS-H30 30ml

    OS-H30 30ml

    Tachyonized Sugar Metabolism Tonic ACTIONS: While Devil's Club root bark is used as a blood sugar stabilizing agent, all of the herbs in the compound act as a tonic for restoring and maintaining sugar metabolism...
  • OS-H25 30ml OS-H25 30ml

    OS-H25 30ml

    Tachyonized Restorative Adrenal Gland Tonic ACTIONS: This herbal blend contains natural plant steroids, which act to restore integrity to the adrenal glands and promote a greater sense of energy and well being. Useful as a nutritive and tonic to the...
  • OS-H29 30ml OS-H29 30ml

    OS-H29 30ml

    Tachyonized Skin Corrective ACTIONS: This compound targets the organs of metabolism, and corrects metabolic errors which are responsible for the manifestation of skin disorders. Burdock addresses skin disorders associated with impure blood. Yellow Dock...
  • OS-H24 30ml OS-H24 30ml

    OS-H24 30ml

    Tachyonized Prostate Gland Tonic ACTIONS: The herbs in this compound promote healthy circulation to the prostate, soothing burning and irritation of the prostate and urinary tract. They also facilitate the draining of congested tissue fluids. Action is...
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    OS-H28 30ml OS-H28 30ml

    OS-H28 30ml

    Tachyonized Sexual Tonic ACTIONS: This compound brings a natural enlivening influence throughout the body and mind with emphasis on enhancing sexual energy. The restorative actions nourish and tone the male sexual glands while enhancing the healthy...