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Tachyon Carmonizer™ (Car Harmonizer)


Now you can protect yourself even while Driving! 

The NEW Car-harmonizer or Carmonizer for short is loaded with a ultra Disk to bathe the driver in a Tachyon Neo Field. 

Simply slide one onto your AC vent and your all set.  It is easy to move around to focus the energy where you want it. The Solid clip holds on very well and will not damage your vents.

The Carmonizer comes in two finishes. Polished Stainless Steel and Gold plated.

Inside the Carmonizer is a custom color disk that sparkles through the front opening and a Tachyonized Ultra disk. The entire unit is sealed to keep all the contents safe.  Please do not open as this will void the warranty.

 Easy to install. Fits on most car AC vents

Please do not force open as this will void the warranty.

Very Easy! Fit almost all vents. Easier than these 1 2 3 instructions

carmonizer-in-car-3.jpg carmonizer-in-car-2.jpg carmonizer-in-car.jpg
  Easily fits most venting systems   
carmonizer-in-car-s4.jpg carmonizer-in-car-g1.jpg carmonizer-in-car-s3.jpg