The Tachyon Holland shipment is on it's way


As you may know, Advanced Tachyon Technology serves all of Europe from our Tachyon warehouse in Holland. And we all know how low the Holland Stock is.

So for us, it is with great excitement that we announce:
The Tachyon Holland shipment has left the factory!

It was a genuinely massive, collaborative team effort to produce, table, package, and ship over 1.3 metric tons of Tachyonized tools. Now we are taking a minute to breathe and rejoice in being a part of this amazing team. And you, as part of this growing global family that has discovered the gift of Tachyon.

Joyful thoughts,
The Tachyon Team

Advanced Tachyon Technologies
New Corporate Headquarters,
Colorado Springs, USA

Jun 10th 2021 Tachyon Team

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