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2016 A New Year to Share Our Blessings

It's a New Year, 2016, A Year for Sharing the Multitude of Blessings that Touch Our Lives. In 1990 I was guided, and blessed, to create the gift of Tachyonized tools to heal from a back accident so severe I was told I would be an invalid for the rest of my life. Since then, ATTI, [...]

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Shipment Due On Friday, November 13th - I think we should have a big sale!

Greetings, Thank you for clearing out the warehouse!  It is a great sign of how things have evolved!  Not that we are out of stock, but that more people are using Tachyon and that is causing the shortage. September continued the record breaking growth.  October slowed a bit in preparation for a Tachyon holiday. We have implemented new [...]

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Credit certificates broke over the weekend.

Hello Tachyonites, Over the weekend something got broke and credit certificates quit working. We apologize for any inconvenience. We found out about it 3 hours ago and have been working with engineering to resolve this issue. Like always, our team has worked in the background to help smooth over the bumps of normal life. We have had engineering [...]

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Shipping Minimum raised to $99.00

Hello,I am Diann, Accounting Dept, Advanced Tachyon Technologies.I was asked to share a recent change and the motivation to do so. Our support department has had to explain this to several angry customers. Recently, we changed the Free shipping from $75.00 to $99.00. This is a $24.00 minimum increase. We have tried to balance the overwhelming cost of [...]

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New online Pratitioner Course - FREE

A FREE 3-PART TACHYON ONLINE PRACTITIONER COURSE.For the past 25 years, using the Tachyon Holistic Wellness Workshops as a vessel, we have successfully educated an estimated 15,000 Health Care Professionals in over 30 Countries. Today, everything is shifting. And we are each called upon to assist in the transformation and enlightenment of this wonderful [...]

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Thanks for Your Guidance and Support This Past Year!

Thank You, Thank you for all the guidance and support you've given us this past year.   It is you that we work for! Clearly a difficult task since many want features that only apply to them. However, when a request comes from several channels, and it is a clear benefit to everyone, we embrace the request [...]

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Website shifts and Updates

Hello,I want to thank your devoted global family for all your support!  We have successfully implemented many new features based on your requests.COMPLETED:1. See inventory.2. Released the free practitioner course.3. Made Practitioner tools available to all countries.4. Encyclopedia Videos encouraging the use of TLC bars in successful treatment demos.5. Pay off all affiliates from the old program6. Automatically sign up all Professionals [...]

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Slovak, Czech, German, Greek, Spanish and Mas

Pekny den prajem pani Anka,predpokladam, ze ste sa bez problemov prihlasila na svoj ucet na novej Tachyon stranke. Pokial neviete kde a ako sa prihlasit, tak Vam pre istotu preposielam kratke video ako na to: ste si asi vsimla, tak stranka sa da prelozit pomocou Google prekladaca. Tu som Vam pripravila kratke video ako dalej [...]

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Tachyon Launch

Thank you everyone for being so kind and supportive.  We launched the site yesterday, and decided to send out a T-zine today.  We knew our trust friends would find all the issues.We are grateful for all the support and comments.  Most questions revolved around products that are en-route to Holland. Large sunspots, Hair tonic, SS-65, Mini [...]

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New Golden Colored Orb

EMF's are such an out of our control situation, that we must be proactive in protecting our self from the sea of man-made energies we live in. I have added a golden Tachyon Ultra EMF Orb Pendant (along with the silver colored orb) to our current EMF Personal Protection Tools. It is full of tiny Tachyonized beads [...]

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