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Smart Meter Protection

With the coming of winter and the spread of mandatory Smart Meters all over North America, several customers have asked if our Tachyon E-Smart and G-Smart Meter Kits can withstand extreme weather conditions in Canada and the NE USA. The answer is YES! The Tachyonized Silica Disks and Micro Disks are impervious to freezing temperatures, [...]

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Tachyon Ambassador

I would like to welcome Michael Brown into his training as a Tachyon Ambassador. Michael says that Tachyon products saved his life. He was an eight-time Motocross champion and a stunt man. He performed high acrobatic jumps at special events. Unfortunately one of these jumps failed. Michael’s injuries were considered terminal. His left leg was [...]

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The Tachyon Team would like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving from the home town of Charlie Brown and Snoopy! Wherever you are, and whether your country or tradition celebrates this holiday or not, we invite you to take a moment to consider what you are grateful for in your life. We are grateful [...]

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Stocking up for the holiday sale @ ATTI ​

Just packaged 1000 Tachyonized Blue Green Algae! #feeling accomplished

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Stay Healthy With Tachyonized Products

The Tachyon packaging team is very busy getting Tachyon products ready for the cold & flu season which is around the corner. We are specifically working on the Tachyonized Cold & Flu Remedy, the Tachyonized Immune System Tonic, as well as the Tachyonized Pure Vitamin C Powder, to name just a few Tachyon products which can help you [...]

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Spooky Halloween Party at Tachyon

Here is a picture of part of the Tachyon team at our "Spooky Halloween" party at the Tachyon Santa Rosa headquarters. It was a lot of fun! Can you see David in the picture?

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Karrie Painter is back

We are pleased to welcome Karrie back into Customer Service, even if it is just part time. She worked here for 15 years before venturing off working with her husband in a different business, and now she's back and we are happy to have her back in our Tachyon team!

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Keep On Skipping Gerald! - 90-year old Tachyon enthusiast

Hey Everybody! I would like you to meet Gerald Malling, a Tachyon lover. Gerald celebrated his 90 th birthday in February. For over 50 years Gerald has been skipping rope. Now 90 he skips rope like a teenager. A couple years ago, Gerald and his wife Mary learned about our Tachyon products and became huge fans. Last Christmas, Gerald and [...]

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New Baby

Hello Everyone!Zuzka and Henry are pregnant! This is wonderful news and I invite you all to join our family in the celebration!As many know, Zuzka is one of our customer service representatives and my personal translator for Slovakian Workshops.Since we will be celebrating in July the little ones arrival, looks like no translator for David this summer. You can send your warm [...]

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January Holland Inventory

January Holland Inventory Update Sales are Up, Up, UP! – That’s good! Inventory levels are down, down, down. Not so good! The manufacturing team is led by David Weber, VP. His team has been steadily preparing for the next shipment to Holland. Unfortunately, it will not land until January 27 th. I am not a patient person, so it is hard for me to ask [...]

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