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Tachyon Synergy Wellness Chamber - Building Pictures

Hello, Been taking pictures and though to share a rare behind the scene look at our team working on theTachyon-Energy Synergy Wellness Chamber System.One of the hardest parts was finding a space build them. Our facility is 100% full. What you see here is actually a hallway in the middle of the building. It is [...]

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Holland Shipment arrived!

The Holland shipment arrived and the warehouse is fully stocked with Tachyon products!

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Tachyon Synergy Wellness visitors in Santa Rosa

These are a few friends that allowed their beautiful faces to be shared!                                                                         

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Coconut Oil Update - Jars Will Leak!

SUMMER HEAT WARNING!This Affects All coconut Oil Products on all sites.Beloveds, we have sealed the coconut oil the best we can! We have put each one in a separate zip-lock bag!BUT, WE ARE CERTAIN THAT ABOUT 50% OF THE JARS SHIPPED WILL STILL HAVE SOME LEAKAGE.SO, IF THIS BOTHERS YOU, PLEASE WAIT UNTIL WINTER TO BUY [...]

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Holland Shipment on the way!

The Holland shipment is on the way. It will arrive approx. June 28th/29th. Thank you to the Tachyon production and shipping team!

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The Tachyon Team would like to wish our customers and friends Happy Easter Holidays!                                           

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Custom Tachyon Project

For over two years we have been working on the how's and what's of a totally new offering.Our goal was simple. Develop an affordable Tachyon clothing line.For example a 100% cotton printed T-shirt like this one would have cost you $200.98 (plus $45.00 for the cost of the shirt) to send in to have [...]

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Next Product Shipment to Holland

Our production and shipping team are working hard to get our next shipment out to Holland! The shipment should arrive in Holland end of the month.Thank you to our wonderful production and shipping team.

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David’s birthday is on March 15th. Even though he says “Birthdays - the more I have, the less important they are,” he is celebrating his birthday with a “Birthday Celebration” category on the Tachyon website offering different Tachyonized products for sale! Check it out .....Lets join the birthday celebration and wishing David a joyful day [...]

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Tachyon Laboratory Upgrades

The Tachyon Laboratory Upgrade is 100% complete and we are fully functional with all my latest breakthroughs and insights. The joy it brings me to know you will be using my Tachyonized products from the new lab inspires joy and [...]

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