5G and EMF at Work

5G and EMF at Work

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5G and EMF Protection - At Work

The workplace can present more challenges for some. For example, unlike a home where one can easily apply Tachyonized disks on breaker boxes and Wi-Fi routers, some may find even this basic necessity to be challenging to accomplish in the workplace. Being creative is one sure way to be proactive. There are all sorts of EMF sources, from fluorescent lights, to powerful computers and even multiple monitors. Wi-Fi signals are generally stronger in the workplace, and this is before adding the 5G layer. The most beneficial approach is to first honor who you are and your work environment. Then implement the tools that make the most sense for your day to day protection. 

The idea that "a single product does it all" will not suffice in the 5G World. In order to thrive in the 5G World, we must elevate our energetic system to become a superconductor. We offer the tools that will help achieve this goal. However, research shows that using several tools approaching the potential from several angles creates a synergistic outcome. The concept of surviving should be dropped and replaced with the word THRIVING in the 5G World. Over the next five to ten plus years, exposure to 5G will continue to increase exponentially. We believe the only proactive solution is to become a superconductor. There is no shielding there is no blocking. Read More- Why Tachyon and 5G

Our recommendation is to select one or two products so that you are bathed in Tachyon at your desk. You can mix and match tools based on your situation.
Don't worry, you can always add more as needed.